English 113

Finding books and media

Click on the Discovery Search - Advanced Search on the CNC library webpage to find books, e-books, reports, journal articles, or media on a selected topic.

How to find Reference books in the library on a topic

From the Discovery Search page

  1. Click on Advanced Search
  2. Type topic word in top search box, e.g. technolog* [* symbol finds word endings, e.g. technological]
  3. Also indicate if you would like Journal Articles or Catalogue material for books under the "Limit to" along the left side of the results page.

Writing Resources

  • PE 1408 .E483 2017 Essay do's and don'ts : a practical guide to essay writing
  • PE 1439 .W54 2005 Writing paragraphs and essays : integrating reading, writing, and grammar skills

Finding background information

The following titles can be used to investigate format relating to business proposals. 

Writing Business Proposals

  • HF 5718.5 .S26 2004 Persuasive business proposals
  • HF 5718.5 .T35 2010 Winning proposals : how to write them and get results
  • HF 5718.5 .H2844 1995 Handbook for writing proposals

Some useful Subject Terms to search in the catalogue include:

  • Business proposals
  • Essay writing
  • Junk food or fast food
  • Trash or waste or garbage
  • International student*
  • Culture shock
  • Canada or United States
  • College or university
  • Technolog* 

Finding Journal or newspaper articles

Many online journals or journal article citations are available via these online journal indexes:

  • Proquest indexes – Canadian Business & Current Affairs - fulltext
  • Ebscohost indexes – Academic Search, Canadian Reference Centre etc. - fulltext
  • You can also use "Advanced Search" on the Library Homepage to search all of the EBSCOhost databases

If you wish to find a list of CNC Library held paper format or online fulltext journals, from the library's Homepage, click on Databases

Newspaper Indexes

Finding Statistics

Statistics can be collected by a variety of sources, including agencies. The best way to find good statistics is to go to Google Advanced. There you'll do a search that begins with or includes "Statscan" or "Statistics Canada" on the first line. This focuses the search on statistical material gathered by the Canadian government.

Seeking assistance

If you need any assistance with research, please approach the librarians at the Information Desk, or contact the Ask a Librarian link on the library’s web page.

Good luck! If you have comments or suggestions, email me at lovittj@cnc.bc.ca