IT Hardware for Online Delivery

Most faculty offices are equipped with technology required to deliver courses online. The information gathered through the IT Hardware survey conducted by the COVID response team in July 2020 will be used by the College to support faculty access to the required technology for delivering didactic courses for Fall.

If you have not completed the IT hardware survey or indicated your IT hardware needs to your Dean, please inform the administrative assistant assigned to your cluster immediately.

IT hardware for Fall online delivery will be supported by the College as follows:


Deans/Administrative Assistants will compile and forward a list of faculty, whose office computers lack webcams, to IT Services who will purchase and install the cameras in offices as required.

Headsets (microphones and speakers)

Administrative assistants assigned to respective faculty units will order the required number of headsets through the Staples Eway platform.

Note: there is a cap amount of $40.00, approved for purchase of headsets. Faculty are encouraged to reach out to their respective administrative assistants if they have a preferred headset to be purchased.

Computers for home use

Media Services maintains an inventory of laptops that may be made available for faculty use for a specific loan period. Please contact Media Services directly should you require this service.

** Kindly note that the College will supply IT hardware with basic features necessary for didactic instruction. Should faculty wish to procure more advanced technology than is supported above, there is the option of applying for PD funds. Approval by the PD committee for purchase of such technology is not guaranteed, so submitting requests as soon as possible is recommended.

Regular fulltime and part time faculty are also eligible to buy hardware through the College's Employee Computer Purchase policy.  Please see the full policy on the CNC Policy Page, at