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The Welcoming Project Cover

The Welcoming Project: Exploration, Engagement, and Education about Vanderhoof’s Welcoming-ness.

by Vanderhoof Good Neighbours Committee, with articles by Sasha Striegler Iannone

2019, [37 p.], col. ill.

A project of the Vanderhoof Good Neighbours Committee. The goal is "to raise consciousness within the Nechako region on issues of welcoming-ness, inclusion and privilege. Knowledge is power and our goal is to empower people to notice hate and exclusionary attitudes and behaviour in order to address and prevent it."



The Carrier Language Book Cover

The Carrier language: a brief introduction

by William J. Poser

2nd ed. 2017. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-82-3. 60 p. ill., map

This book provides an overview of the Carrier language – where it is spoken, by whom, and what it is like. It is not a reference grammar or a textbook but rather is intended to acquaint the reader with the general character of the language and with some particularly interesting aspects. It is intended to be accessible to the non-specialist reader: secondary school students, college and university students, those interested in local history and culture, tourists, and language buffs. The author has a Doctorate in Linguisticsand is currently a Research Consultant to the Yinka Dene Language Institute.



Carrier Grammar Facts Lheidli Dialect

by William J. Poser, PhD. 2016.

A series of pocket-size booklets (13 x 8 cm) and a syllabics card containing an outline of Carrier language grammar and syllabics.


Remembering book cover

Remembering... a celebration of Prince George's storied past, as told in articles published in the Prince George Citizen from 1998-2009

by Valerie M.E. Giles

2015. Updated ed. ISBN 978-0-921087-80-9. iv, 580 p. col. ill. index

This book is a new compilation of over 560 articles that appeared in the Prince George Citizen newspaper from 1998-2009, in a column called “Remembering…” written by Dr. Valerie Giles. The author was inspired by stories of how the City of Prince George and region had developed and presents them to us in an ever-changing story line, and in a way that is engaging, insightful and well-researched. The articles have been arranged into themed chapters and timelines, supplemented by a Roster of Citizen Editors, over 270 photographs provided by the Exploration Place Museum and other sources, and a comprehensive index. CNC Press extends thanks to the Prince George Citizen; the Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre; and the Select Committee on Prince George's 100th Anniversary. We are pleased to launch the book in the City's 100th Anniversary year in 2015.

New Publication 2014 Announcement
Scrapbook: photos, announcements, ongoing news stories


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 FASD Informed Practice for Community Based Programs

by Anne Guarasci

2013. ISBN 978-0-921087-7602. 53 p.

Apractical resource designed to increase capacity among professionals and para professionals in health, social services, justice, education/training, who work with high risk populations that may have FASD. The content was developed through extensive consultation across the province of BC with government representatives, colleagues, frontline workers and researchers, all of whom are actively involved in the field of FASD. This resource is intended to assist service providers to: address common barriers/resistance to FASD informed practices; work more effectively with participants/families who have FASD; and support those families to access health care and other services.

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Handheld Computers and Baccalaureate Nursing Students: Supporting or Hindering Development of Caring Relationships with Receivers of Care

by Sandra C. Theroux

2013. Thesis - Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Simon Fraser University. 197 p.

Abstract: This study describes the use of handheld computers by nursing students during the clinical component of a four year Canadian baccalaureate nursing-education program. This study examined the relationships that handheld computers had with the ability of third year nursing students to establish and maintain caring relationships. A qualitative case study research design was used. Data were collected including nursing student and patient interviews, documents, and artifacts such as the handheld devices and programs the students used. Findings indicated both caring relationships and technology are of value in nursing care. Students and patients perceived the use of handheld computers as beneficial to student learning in the clinical area. Students and patients also indicated handheld computers supported and had the potential to interfere with third year nursing students’ ability to establish and maintain caring relationships. This study supports the use of handheld computers in clinical nursing education.

Removing Math Barriers cover

Removing Math Barriers: Incorporating Vedic Math Methods for Student Success

by Waneta Nealis, Barb Durban

2013. ISBN 978-0-921087-74-8. 47 p.

Looking for a different way to teach fundamental level math? This book offers unique options that you (and your students) will wish you knew years ago. Based on a Vedic math research project with adult learners, this teacher's manual introduces different algorithms for subtracting, multiplying, adding and subtracting fractions, and checking work. The step-by-step explanations and numerous practice questions will ensure you are equipped to start teaching these new techniques immediately. Regardless if you are teaching struggling lower level students or teaching upper level students who are looking for a new challenge, these Vedic techniques will guarantee a classroom of eager and confident math students waiting for more....math! Also included is a summary of the 2011 research project with documented results.

Math Made Easy cover photo

Math Made Easy: Essential Math Concepts Review

by Meizhong (Mei) Wang

2nd ed. 2013. ISBN 978-0-921087-68-7. vii, 127 p. col. ill. index

This book, now in its second edition, is an excellent supplement and convenient reference for fundamental mathematics textbooks. It provides an understandable and effective introduction to whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, percentage, and measurement, as well as basic algebra, geometry and statistics. An ideal self-study guide for college and secondary students who want to learn or review essential mathematical concepts.



Establish the Connection cover

Establish the Connection: Groups for At-risk Youth

by Melanie Hennig

2012. ISBN 978-0-921087-70-0. 88 p.

This manual provides practical information for facilitators of groups for at-risk youth. Detailed instructions are provided for over 60 unique and fun activities. Topics include self-esteem, team building, life skills, drug and alcohol awareness, employment skills, healthy relationships, sexuality and mental health.

The manual was developed for an after school program for high risk youth at the College of New Caledonia, Lakes District Campus. The Youth Outreach Program (YOP) was a three year pilot project funded by the National Crime Prevention Centre of Canada between 2008 and 2011. The project focused on youth 13 to 18 years of age. Many of the youth in the program exhibited behaviours and characteristics consistent with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and the activities described in this manual are designed to accommodate these unique cognitive disabilities and behaviours. The activities are also culturally-inclusive, secular, and based on a harm reduction model.

The Focus Program cover

The Focus Program: a Program for Adults with FASD

by Linda Schmidt

2012. ISBN 978-0-921087-54-0. 80 p.

The Focus Program at CNC’s Lakes District Campus in Burns Lake has been providing pre-employment training, education and advocacy for adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) since 1998. Linda Schmidt, one of the program’s initial developers and a long-time Focus instructor, has written this comprehensive book based on her experiences with the program. Following a description of the program and an overview of its development and evolution, the majority of the book provides practical strategies that can be applied when working with adults with FASD.

The book includes strategies that are effective in a classroom setting as well as a section with strategies for some of the issues with daily living faced by people who live with FASD. Real life stories help illustrate the disabilities associated with FASD in a sensitive and personal manner. This book also provides information about strategies and interventions that were not effective. The overriding theme is that FASD results from injury to the brain, and change is the responsibility of service providers and caregivers. The complexity of FASD demands a re-evaluation of assumptions and expectations.

Educators, service providers, and advocates working or living with adults with FASD will find this book to be a valuable resource.

Taste of Culture Cookbook cover

Taste of Culture Cookbook: a Compilation of Recipes and Stories From Around the World, Shared by Residents of Vanderhoof.

2012. ISBN 978-0-921087-66-3. 69 p. col. photos. index

Recipes from the book shared on the Good Neighbours Committee blog

A compilation of recipes and stories from around the world, shared by residents of Vanderhoof. This book is one in a series of publications developed by the Good Neighbours Committee, in partnership with the College of New Caledonia Nechako Campus, and made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia, Welcome BC program.

On Feb. 17, 2013, the Vanderhoof Good Neighbours Committee won the 2013 Jeanne Clarke Local History Award for Publications- a wonderful tribute for all of the work they have done in their community and region.

Lheidli T'enneh Cemetery Prince George cover

Lheidli T'enneh Cemetery, Prince George: a Documented History

by J. Kent Sedgwick, with contributions by John Harris and William J. Poser

2012. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-62-5. 70 p. col. photos, maps, index.

New Publication Announcement
Book Launch, Aug. 1, 2012

There is, in the City of Prince George in central BC, a unique historical site. It is a burial ground sacred to the Lheidli T’enneh Nation, a legal Indian Reserve within Fort George Park in the city, and it has been in use for about 135 years. This is a study of the origins and changes in that cemetery. CNC Press is pleased to publish this history, completed by Kent Sedgwick just before he passed away in December 2011. The book includes a commemorative introduction by John Harris, and a description of “The Carrier Gravestones in Fort George Park” by William J. Poser.



Empowering Front-Line Staff and Families cover

Empowering Front-Line Staff and Families Through a Collection of Lived Experiences: Supporting Women Who Have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Behaviours and Characteristics and/or Other Related Disabilities.

by Anne Guarasci

2011. ISBN 978-0-921087-72-4. 39 p.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term for a number of diagnoses that result from prenatal alcohol exposure and include brain injury and physical anomalies. Prevention of FASD is complex and often requires intensive support for marginalized women who: have FASD; are at risk of alcohol and substance use during pregnancy; and face additional challenges including poverty, unemployment, unstable housing and domestic violence.

Behaviours associated with FASD can be confusing. Stories have been cited as invaluable in assisting workers, administrators and policy makers in understanding how FASD presents so they can work to better accommodate and support individuals who live with FASD.

This book is a collection of real life stories that reflect experiences of marginalized women who may have FASD. As a resource for frontline workers in prenatal and parenting programs it includes potential strategies and supports to enhance effectiveness and promote positive outcomes. The stories are based on observation and were contributed by outreach workers, group facilitators and caregivers from across BC.

In Sight of Sinkut Mountain: cover

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In Sight of Sinkut Mountain: celebrating diversity in the Nechako Valley

An initiative of the Good Neighbours Committee. Prepared by the College of New Caledonia

2011. ISBN 978-0-921087-52-6. 92 p. Color photos. 1 DVD. Index

A year in the making, this book and companion DVD are the result of many people's vision and voice of what life was - and is -like in the Nechako Valley, centered around the District of Vanderhoof and the Village of Saik'uz. The book was produced under a special grant and is not available for purchase. Copies are being distributed by the Good Neighbours Committee to new residentsand libraries in the region. The book is also available here, in full text online.


Saik'uz and Settlers cover


Saik'uz and Settlers: a weave of local history: expanded play program.

An initiative of the Good Neighbours Committee. Play written and directed by Lisa Striegler

2011. ISBN 978-0-921087-60-1. 30 p. Color photos. 1 DVD.

"A dramatic (and sometimes comedic) weave of (some of) the history of the people of the Nechako Valley." This play marked the end of a 14 month long process of relationship building, awareness, public education and celebration in the Nechako Valley, British Columbia. The goal of the play and DVD is to promote Vanderhoof and Saik'uz as welcoming and inclusive communities, and recognize and bring forth the diversity in people, skills and heritages that exist there. The book was produced under a special grant with a limited distribution; it is not available for purchase. Copies are available in local libraries.


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Converting Incomplete Applicants into Enrolled Students: a key to sustainability for the College of New Caledonia.

by Randall T. Heidt.

2011. Thesis - M.A. in Leadership, Royal Roads University. 95 p.

Every year, many potential students slip through the cracks at the College of New Caledonia because there is no system to help them follow through with their applications and become qualified. This project used online surveys and focus groups to ask employees and those whose applications were deemed incomplete, for suggestions on generating more qualified applicants. Based on this the author provides 7 recommendations for improving the institution's application process.

Hotels, Hoteliers and Liquor Stores cover

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Hotels, Hoteliers and Liquor Stores: the story behind a Prince George heritage building.

by J. Kent Sedgwick

2011. ISBN 978-0-921087-58-8.43 p. Photos. Index

This is the story of how one building - the 6th Avenue government liquor store in Prince George- became a heritage building. But along the way, the author casts his eye back to the beginnings of the hospitality industry, hotels and liquor distribution in the area, from 1910 onward. A well researched and interesting contribution to our local history.




The Grand Trunk Pacific cover

The Grand Trunk Pacific and other Fort George stuff

by Trelle A. Morrow

2010. ISBN 978-0-921087-50-2. 146 p. Photos. Index

New Publication Announcement
Citizen newspaper article, Dec. 16, 2010
- Opinion 250 article, Feb. 27, 2012: wins Jeanne Clarke Local History Award

Prince George has been a railway town since its beginnings. This book addresses some of the social issues relevant to the advent of this Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Two social benefits are seen to accompany railroad freight and passenger services, and enhance lifestyles: a telegraph system and a railway mail service. The book provides a fascinating glimpse into these aspects of our railway heritage.

Attack and Defense at the 1704 Siege of Landau cover

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Attack and Defense at the 1704 Siege of Landau: An Analysis

by Sheldon Derek Clare

2010. Capstone Paper (Norwich University). 70 p.

In 1704, the Allied English, Dutch, and Imperial forces under command of the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugen of Savoy defeated the French and Bavarian forces at Blenheim. That victory prevented the invasion of Austria and removed Bavaria as a French confederate in the War of the Spanish Succession. The Allies then moved to consolidate their success by seeking control of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers so as to prepare for an expected invasion of France in the 1705 campaign season. Landau stood in the way of those objectives. The 77 day siege of Landau delayed the Allied efforts to exploit the victory at Blenheim. It also revealed problems in the Allied coalition between the siege commander, the Margrave Prince Louis of Baden, and both the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugen. The Landau siege showed the effectiveness of Governor Lt. General Mastgonthier de Laubanie’s vigorous leadership in defending that fully prepared and well-designed star fortress, as well as allied difficulties in conducting the siege. This siege provided an early example of the strength of the French operational defensive system when compared to the risk of major battles as demonstrated at Blenheim. Sheldon Clare’s paper analyzes the attack and defence of Landau in 1704 and uses primary and secondary source material in three languages to explain why it went as it did.


Aviation North: Flying frontiers in Northern British Columbia cover

Aviation North: Flying frontiers in Northern British Columbia

by Trelle A. Morrow

2009. ISBN 978-0-921087-43-4. 149 p. Photos. Index.

New Publication Announcement
Photos at book launch, PG Airport
Citizen article
Feb. 2010 Jeanne Clarke local history award article and photos

This volume deals with individuals, corporations and just plain adventurers, who have been involved with aviation around Prince George and beyond. Aviation has formed a part of Prince George life since 1920, because of circumstances occurring in many parts of North America. The community has responded by accommodating the air sojourners with landing strips, essential supplies of all kinds, and a generous hospitality.

Two-Year Commercial Pilot Diploma Program Feasibility Study cover

click on chapters for full-text

Two-Year Commercial Pilot Diploma Program Feasibility Study

compiled by Susan Mooney, CNC Nechako Campus, October 2009

Examines the feasibility of creating and operating a two-year commercial pilot diploma program (updated to "Aviation Diploma Program")through the College of New Caledonia in the community of Vanderhoof BC.

1. Cover and acknowledgements 2. Executive summary

3. Table of contents 4. Feasibility study overview

5. Survey of northern air operators 6. Program structure

7. Technical feasibility 8. Financial, economic feasibility

9. Challenges 10. Conclusion

11. References, abbreviations 12. Appendix I. Survey of Northern Air Operators


Practice Wisdom in Child Protection Decision Making cover

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Practice Wisdom in Child Protection Decision Making

by Jacqueline F.C. Stokes

2009. Thesis (Doctor of Education), SFU. 205 p.

"Child protection practice and decision making is complex. In every day practice, it seems that social workers are using practice wisdom through an integration of objective, procedural knowledge and experiential knowledge. As child protection policy in B.C. refocuses on collaborative practice models, paying attention to the development of self-reflective practice is as important as the ongoing attainment of evidence-based knowledge if social workers are to develop practice wisdom in their decision-making."--p. iv.

Monumental Transformation cover

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Monumental Transformation: The Story of Prince George's National Historic Monument

by J. Kent Sedgwick

CNC History Series

2009. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-46-5.25 p. Photos.

The remarkable story of the national historic monument in Prince George, British Columbia, commemorating the stop-over of the explorer Alexander Mackenzie, on his voyage to the PacificOcean in 1793.

The Prince George Places of Bridget Moran cover

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The Prince George Places of Bridget Moran

by J. Kent Sedgwick

CNC History Series

2009. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-48-9. 11 p. Photos

Prepared forThe Little Rebellion Conference, held in Prince George in March 2002. The conference included a bus tour of places where Bridget worked and played, and this booklet supplies information about the stops on the tour, and provides some historical context to Prince George for participants who were asked to complete a writing assignment based on the information.


Sternwheelers on the Upper Fraser cover

Sternwheelers on the Upper Fraser

by Trelle A. Morrow

2008. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-41-0. 116 p. Photos. Index

New Publication Announcement and Order Form

The sternwheeler era was a fascinating period in the history of Central British Columbia. From 1863 to 1921, there were twelve sternwheelers that plied the waters of the Upper Fraser River at varying times. This book addresses aspects of social history relevant to sternwheeler construction and operation on the Upper Fraser. Social contexts in the realm of resource exploitation, railway development and settlement are highlighted. Specific references are made to individuals engaged in sternwheeler transport as owners, operators, or simply as innocent travellers. Trelle Morrow is a retired architect whose life-long philatelic interest has led to research into early mail services, aviation history and now sternwheeler operations on the Upper Fraser River.

Giscome Chronicle cover

Giscome Chronicle: The rise and demise of a sawmill community in central British Columbia, 1912-1976

by J. Kent Sedgwick

CNC History Series

2008. ISBN-13:978-0-921087-39-7.xii, 61p. Photos. Index

Winner of the 2008 Jeanne Clarke Memorial Local History Award

New Publication Announcement and Order Form

This book chronicles the history of the community of Giscome, one of 40 small sawmill towns that flourished for a time along the "East Line," the railway line east of Prince George. Historical geographer Kent Sedgwick presents a timeline of the major events affecting the community, from 1912 to 1976 when the sawmill and town was closed. The book includes b&w photos, and a colour photo section with comparison views of some of the buildings and landscape before and after the townsite closure.

Pan Am and All That cover

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Pan Am and All That: WWII Aviation in Prince George, British Columbia

an interview with Warren Meyer, retired Pan American World Airways pilot

compiled by J. Kent Sedgwick for the Prince George Oral History Group

CNC Oral History Series

2008. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-37-3. 36 p. Photos. Index.

Transcript of an interview with Warren Meyer who has had a long history as a pilot and in aviation and was at the Prince George Airport in World War Two. Also present for the interview were Meyer's friend and fellow flyer Bill Dodge; Tommy Norton, who was a radio operator for the Department of Transport at the Airport in the war; and Trelle Morrow, a retired local architect with an interest in aviation history.


Reflections on Architects and Architecture in Prince George, 1950-2000 cover

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Reflections on Architects and Architecture in Prince George, 1950-2000

an interview of Trelle A. Morrow, compiled with photographs by J. Kent Sedgwick

CNC Oral History Series

2007. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-35-9.59 p. Colour photos. Index.

Citizen newspaper story
CBC interview

Historical Geographer J. Kent Sedgwick has compiled this fascinating interview with Trelle Morrow. Morrow was a graduate of the UBC School of Architecture, who established a practice in Prince George in 1956 and worked on many local and northern projects until he retired in 1997. Includes colour photographs of some of the buildings he designed, and observations about local buildings and the changing styles in architecture over the years.


CNC Related Full-Text
Aboriginal Youth Mentoring Program Final Evaluation
coordinated by Joan Brett. CNC, 2006. 40 p.

click on chapter titles for more information, and view all photos in the book

From Broadaxe to Clay Chinking: stories about the pioneers in and around in Prince George area

by June A. Chamberland
2006. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-33-5. ISBN-10: 0-921087-33-0
497 p., photos, folded col. maps, index
Winner of the 2007 Jeanne Clarke Memorial Local History Award

This book is a "who's who" of the pioneer families who settled in the Prince George area in the early 1900's. Based upon 5 years of research and over 100 interviews, it includes an introduction to the land settlement process by Historical Geographer Kent Sedgwick, an introduction to the construction of log buildings that typified the pioneer homestead by the author, over 530 photographs of pioneer families and their buildings, and a number of maps showing settlement. A major work and a valuable reference for local history.

1. Summit Lake and North 2. Salmon River Area

3. Old Summit Road South to Northwood Road 4. Ferguson Lake - Pilot Mountain Areas

5. The Mandalay and Stuart River Country 6. The Chief Lake Area

7. The Reid Lake Area 8. Isle Pierre - Road, Ferry Crossing, Village

9. Cranbrook Hill and Miworth 10. The Beaverley District

11. The Chilako River Area

12. The Telegraph Trail and the Blackwater Road

13. Cluculz Lake Area  14. Prince George,
Airport Area, Cariboo Highway

15. Red Rock - Stone Creek
16. Woodpecker and
Woodpecker Landing

17. Hixon - Strathnaver Areas 18. Pineview Area

19. Buckhorn Area 20. Blackburn, Tabor Lake,
Foreman Flats

21. Shelley and Ferndale Areas 22. Willow River Area

23. From Giscome to Hutton Index


CNC Related Full-Text

An Appreciative Inquiry: can re-focusing a community college as a "learning college" enhance cross-departmental collaboration?
by Bill Farr, CNC Dean of Business and Technology.
2006. Royal Roads University. 169 p.

"This action research project answers the question, "How might re-focusing as a 'learning college' enhance greater cross-departmental collaboration in the College of New Caledonia?" and the sub-questions, "What is the meaning of a learning college?", and "What organizational changes and/or practices would enhance re-focusing as a learning college?" -- Abstract


CNC Related Full-Text

Economic Impact of Public Post-Secondary Education in Prince George, British Columbia
by Initiatives Prince George.
2005. 17 p.

An assessment of the impact of CNC and UNBC on the local economy.

CNC Related Full-Text (directory +index, 2002 ed.)

Prince George Connector 2005
compiled by Project Friendship Society
2005. 6th ed. 145 p. coil-bound. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-29-8. ISBN-10: 0-921087-29-2

Descriptions of local clubs, interest and support groups. Arranged by subject with name index. This edition also includes a section of stories of disabled people who have been "connected" to others in the community by the Project Friendship Society.


CNC Related Full-Text

Program Evaluation of Math 030 (ethno-math)
by Catherine McGregor and Peter MacMillan.
2004. 73 p.

An assessment of changes made to the College's Math 030 curriculum, to include more aboriginal content.


CNC Related Full-Text
Aboriginal Peer Mentoring Project, developed by Mona Keddy.
College of New Caledonia, 2003. 105 p.
Distance Education in Remote Aboriginal Communities cover

click on title for full text

Distance Education in Remote Aboriginal Communities: barriers, learning styles and best practices
by Bill McMullen and Andreas Rohrbach
2003. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-25-0. ISBN-10: 0-921087-25-X. 115 p.

"In this book, we will examine the barriers, learning styles and best practices of distance education courses in a variety of remote Aboriginal communities across Canada. The information provided will benefit those determined to deliver successful distance education courses in other communities."--Executive Summary.

Oral History of Jim and Margaret McConaghy cover

click on title for full text

Oral History of Jim and Margaret McConaghy
by David Holm
CNC Oral History Series
2003. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-23-6. ISBN-10: 0-921087-23-3. 26 p.

In the Fall of 2002, CNC Historian David Holm interviewed Jim and Margaret McConaghy. They own the nine-hole "Links o' Maggie Mae" golf course, plus adjoining farmland and forest along the Shelley Road. In David's words, "I decided to ask them for an interview because they exemplified an early generation of settlers who were short on formal education but long on native intelligence and hard work. The physical and economic imprint they have left on the Prince George area indicates something of their contribution to our history."



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Prince George's Memorable Mayors
by Bob Harkins
10 p.

Text of a speech delivered on October 7, 1999 Forum 2000 Millennium Series. With supplementary notes from a speech delivered on December 14, 1999 to the PG Estate Planning Council, and information about Bob Harkins Dec. 2000.


CNC Related Full-Text

Institutional Evaluation Self Study Report, Vol. 1

prepared by CNC Institutional Evaluation Steering Committee

1999. 4 v. College of New Caledonia

Internal review of college operations. Vol. 1 is the main report and contains the following sections. Volume [2]-[4] appendices and supplements are available in print in the College Library Archives collection.

Vol. 1: Introduction -- Chapter 1.Governance. -- 2.Strategic Plan. -- 3.Program Reviews. -- 4.Service Reviews. -- 5.Management Review. -- 6.Employee Relations. -- 7.Student Relations. -- 8.Facilities and Infrastructure. -- Recommendations.


Highlights of Our Lives cover

Highlights of Our Lives: a Guide to Creating Writing Circles for Seniors
prepared by Maree Thair
1998. 45 p. College of New Caledonia

Prepared as a Literacy Project funded by the Province of British Columbia Ministry of Education, Skills and Training, and the Dept. of Human Resources Development Canada, National Literacy Secretariat.


Writers Young and Old cover
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or order print copies free + shipping

Writers Young and Old...: Stories
coordinated by Maree Thair
1997.32 p. College of New Caledonia

Stories by members of Prince George Seniors' Writing Circles and Fundamental Level English students at theCollege of New Caledonia. A National Literacy Secretariat Project.



Israel at Sinai
by J. Allgaier
1995. 34 p. coil-bound. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-13-7.  ISBN-10: 0-921087-13-6
A two-act play about the exodus of the Israelites to Mount Sinai and their reversion to pagan gods. Allgaier was an English instructor at the College of New Caledonia at the time of writing.


Pride and Punishment
by J. Allgaier
1994. 47 p. coil-bound. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-09-0.  ISBN-10: 0-921087-09-8
This play presents dramatic highlights from the life of Father Adrien Gabriel Morice (1859-1938), while serving as a missionary to the natives of the Fort St. James area.


I Accuse: Translation [click on title for full-text]

Translated by Hans Allgaier, introd. by David Holm.
1993. 38 p. coil-bound. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-05-2. ISBN-10: 0-921087-05-5.
Translation of the dialogue in the 1941 German film "Ich Klage An" (I Accuse). A scientist whose wife is ill relieves her from her suffering and goes on trial for his act. The film was used to influence popular opinion in Nazi Germany in favour of euthanasia. Viewers of the film in its original German format may wish to follow along with this English translation of the dialogue.

White Paper: Japanese Balloons of World War Two [click on title for full-text]
by Captain Charles A. East
1993. 52 p. paperback. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-07-6.  ISBN-10: 0-921087-07-1
As a Bomb Disposal Officer, East had the unusual assignment of searching out and disarming Japanese "balloon bombs" which appeared in the skies over north-central British Columbia in early 1945. Includes descriptions and photographs of recovered bombs as well as references to other sightings in BC and elsewhere. For more details, click here for a 2-page article from the Prince George Citizen Plus!, Saturday, Feb. 5, 1994, or click on the title to view the full-text.


CNC RelatedFull-Text

Economic Impact of the University of Northern British Columbia on Prince George, Part 1 (Main report)+Part 2 (Appendices)
by Mike Reid, Gordon Enemark and Lisa Rowbotham.
1992. 22 + 40 p. College of New Caledonia.


Philosopher and Barbarian
by J. Allgaier
1991. 52 p. coil-bound. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-40-3.  ISBN-10: 0-921087-40-3
A chronicle play of the last years of Roman civilization, in six scenes. Reviewed by Northrop Frye as "... a very thoughtful, readable, and rewarding piece." Allgaier was an English instructor at the College of New Caledonia at the time of writing.

See You at the Ex: The First 75 Years of the Prince George Exhibition
By Lois Rush
1991. 175 p. coil-bound. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-42-7.  ISBN-10: 0-921087-42-X
An entertaining and well-researched account of the Fall Fair and its importance to the local community, since it began in 1912.


Index to the Cariboo Sentinel Newspaper, 1865-1875
Compiled by K. Glass and J. Logan
1990. 64 p. coil-bound. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-14-4.  ISBN-10: 0-921087-14-4
The Cariboo Sentinel stands almost unrivalled as the key source of historical information about one of Canada's most significant gold rushes, in Barkerville and the greater Cariboo region. This is an index of major topics covered in the newspaper. A useful addition, particularly for libraries that have the newspaper on microfilm.

Carrier Bal-Hats [balhats].

[11 p., 1990?]. Converted into full-text online, Feb. 2013.

Information compiled for use in College of New Caledonia courses, about the Carrier potlatch practice called balhats (or bal-hats, or balhat). Contents: 1. The Origin of the Bal-Hats [balhats, bal-hat, potlatch]. -- 2. The Bal-Hats today. -- 3. The Funeral Bal-Hats. -- 4. The Tombstone Payout. -- 5. Paying for a Chair. -- 6. Crossing the Table. -- 7. Other Business of Respect. -- 8. Taking a Name. -- 9. Hiring Workers. -- 10. Shame.


Sa Ts'e: Historical Perspectives on Northern B.C.
Edited by Thomas Thorner
1989. 584 p. hardcover. comprehensive index. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-10-6.  ISBN-10: 0-921087-10-1
A selection of articles on major aspects of the history of northern British Columbia. This book was designed to serve as a text for the College's local history program.  


The Origins of the College of New Caledonia cover

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The Origins of the College of New Caledonia
by Ann Howard
CNC Commemorative History Series, Vol. 1
1988. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-02-1. ISBN-10: 0-921087-02-0. 16 p.

Describes how community colleges developed in BC and how CNC came into being, with the help of regional school districts and political support.

Reminiscences 1968-1978 cover

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Reminiscences 1968-1978

compiled by Ann Howard

CNC Commemorative History Series, Vol. 2

1988. ISBN-10: 0-921087-04-7. vi, 361 p.

Includes interviews with College of New Caledonia Council members, faculty, and community members who played a role in getting the College established.


p.1-9. Dr. A.W. Mooney.


Index to Prince George Newspapers, 1909-1923

Compiled by Brian Greengrass
1985. 149 p. coil-bound. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-00-7. ISBN-10: 0-921087-00-4.

Converted to online full text Jan. 2012
A valuable subject guide to these early newspapers: Fort George Herald, Fort George Times, Prince George Star, Prince George Herald, Prince George Post, Prince George Leader. Note that there is now an online searchable version of these newspapers as well, in the Prince George Newspapers database.


Index to Minutes of Meetings, 1915-1979 - Prince George Board of Trade/Chamber of Commerce
Compiled by Katherine Plett
1982. 308 p. coil-bound. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-08-3. ISBN-10: 0-921087-08-X.
An index to the 6-volume set of minutes of the Fort George and Prince George Board of Trade/Chamber of Commerce. 


Issues in Townsite Development
Compiled and edited by Dorryce Smelts
1981. 134 p. hardcover. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-24-3.  ISBN-10: 0-921087-24-1
An interesting collection of source documents describing government and railway involvement in the incorporation of the City of Prince George in 1914-1915.

Baldy Hughes, by Lieutenant-Colonel W.R. Scott.

1981. 84 p. hardcover. ISBN-13: 978-0-921087-26-7. ISBN-10: 0-921087-26-8. 
"Baldy Who?" Baldy Hughes was unquestionably the most colourful name of all Canadian Forces Stations, and the only station named for an individual. This book describes how the land south of Prince George was acquired for the Station, and some of the rich history of the area. An important record, written while the base was still in operation. It was closed on March 31, 1988.


Order in Council, designating the College of New Caledonia and its region under the Colleges and Provincial Institutes Act1978


Agreement signed by participating School Districts, to establish CNC, Nov. 22, 1968