Privacy Breach Management

Privacy breaches occur when personal information is accessed, collected, used, or disclosed without proper authorization. They can be accidental or deliberate, and may include the theft, loss, alteration, or destruction of information.

For all privacy breaches, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. In the event of a suspected or actual privacy breach, follow these steps:

Reporting an incident

You must report the incident immediately to your supervisor and CNC's Privacy Office. The Privacy Office can be reached at 250-561-5888, or

If your CNC laptop or other portable device has been lost or stolen, inform

Recovering Information

Make every effort to recover the confidential or personal information to lessen the impact on the individuals involved in the breach. Appropriate actions might include recalling an email, recovering missing records or equipment, correcting physical security flaws, or isolating the activity that led to the incident.


Work with your supervisor and the Privacy Office to determine the specifics of the incident and the cause(s) of the breach. Take steps to resolve the breach, and as necessary, notify the affected individuals.  


Make changes to department processes, understand your responsibilities, be diligent in the handling of confidential or personal information, and be an active participant in developing a culture of prudent information management.