Transfer Credits

Transfer credit is when students use their previous post-secondary studies towards a new credential at another institution. Did you know that courses you take at CNC may transfer to other post-secondary schools in British Columbia?

For more information regarding course transfers and to see how they could possibly transfer between institutions, check the BC Transfer Guide.

How to Apply for Transfer Credit at CNC

If you have attended another institution and would like to transfer your credits to CNC, follow these steps:

Transfer Credit at CNC

  • 1. Apply to CNC

  • 2. Review Program Requirements

  • 3. Request an official transcript from the sending institution

  • 4. Pay your Transfer Credit Review fee

  • 5. Submit your request for Transfer Credit

Submit Your Request

To complete your request for transfer credit, submit your institution and course information with our online form.



Please note that from the date CNC has received your completed application (including: fee payment, detailed course outlines and transcripts) the transfer credit review process can take up to 12 weeks.

For more questions about CNC’s Transfer Credit process please see the Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing Policy and Procedures (E-1.44).

Types of Transfer Credit

Direct (Assigned) Credit

When CNC has an equivalent course to the one being reviewed for transfer credit, the student will receive direct course credit which may be used towards meeting prerequisites or specific program completion requirements.

Unassigned Credit

When CNC does not have an equivalent course, unassigned credit may be assigned. Unassigned credit is granted at the appropriate level and may be used towards meeting elective requirements.

Time Limit for Transfer Credit

Transfer credit cannot be awarded to courses completed more than 10 years prior to admission to CNC. Please refer to the Ten Year Timeline for Program Completion policy for more information.

Transferring Credits from CNC to another institution

If you have applied to another institution and would like to transfer your credits from CNC, follow these steps:

Transferring From CNC