Letter of Permission

A letter of permission allows students to take courses at another recognized post-secondary institution that may be considered for credit towards their program at CNC. It is similar to requesting transfer credit, but is requested before the course begins.

To be eligible for a Letter of Permission, students must

  • Have completed at least nine (9) credit hours of academic study at CNC
  • Are in good academic standing, (not on academic probation or required to withdraw)
  • Have an account that is not in arrears (no payments owing to CNC)

Conditions of a Letter of Permission

  • A Letter of Permission can only be granted before studying at another institution. If you have already begun studies, request Transfer Credit instead.
  • If you have already taken an equivalent course at CNC, the CNC grade will remain on your GPA.
  • Coursework completed on an LOP does not count towards your GPA at CNC.
  • Courses taken on an LOP are considered as transfer credit and is subject to all policies and practices for transfer credits.
  • LOPs are valid only for the semester for which they are issued; they will not be processed for the current semester after the withdrawal date for that semester. Extensions will require another LOP which may or may not be granted. If approved, Letters of Permission will be sent to the institution the student requested to attend.

Requesting a Letter of Permission

Download the Request Form

Be sure to save or print the attached form.

Letter of Permission 
  1. Complete all sections of the form. Please include course numbers and titles you want to register for at the institution you are visiting.
  2. Detailed course syllabi (outlines) from institutions that are out-of-province or from another post-secondary must be included. A calendar description may not be sufficient to determine course equivalency.
    Courses listed on the BC Transfer Guide do not require course outlines.
  3. Submit the completed form to transfercredit@cnc.bc.ca or to

    Registrar ATTN: Articulation Officer
    3330-22nd Ave
    Prince George, BC, V2N 1P8

    Letters of Permission take 3-8 weeks to process.