Nominate a student for Student Speaker or Grad Profile.


What is a Student Speaker?

A student speaker is expected to prepare a valedictory-style speech that is approximately 2-3 minutes in length. CNC Communications will contact the student to offer support in the development of their speech and for rehearsal prior to the ceremony or recording.

What is a Grad Profile?

A Grad Profile captures a grad in a video production format, and is aired as part of the Convocation ceremony. This is generally done in interview style and includes preparation and practice ahead of time with CNC communications staff.

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Who can qualify?

Eligible students include:

  • BC residents, Out-of-Province, and International students.
  • Must be eligible to graduate in the current academic year (2022/23).
  • Achieved an overall minimum 2.67 GPA (B-).
  • Must be in good standing (academic/financial) in all areas of the College, at the time of nomination.

When considering a nominee, reflect on those who:

  • Have overcome adversity to starting their educational journey with the College,
  • Are passionate about their choice of studies, their potential further education or career goals,
  • Embody the guiding principles of democracy, tolerance, and compassion,
  • Are/were engaged in campus and/or community programs, through volunteer commitments, citizenship/civic engagement, etc.

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