Frequently Asked Questions

Awards - Scholarships & Bursaries

Financial Aid and Awards FAQ

  • Where can I find CNC's student awards?

  • What are Scholarships and Bursaries?

  • When are applications for student awards due?

  • If I am a successful candidate, when are student awards given out?

  • Can I apply for student awards if I already have financial assistance?

  • If I am successful, do I have to write a thank you letter to the donor?

  • How do I write a thank you letter to a donor?

  • What types of awards do CNC donors provide?

Loans - Funding Options

Financial Aids and Awards - Loans FAQ

  • Where can I apply for a student loan?

  • Do I have to qualify as a BC resident to apply for BC government student loans?

  • How do I stop repayment on my student loan while in school?

  • When do I get my money from Student Aid BC?

  • How do I ask for an appeal?

  • As an aboriginal student, who should I contact for funding?