Animals on Campus

The College of New Caledonia recognizes the important role animals can play in student and employee wellbeing. 

At the same time while many college community members enjoy interacting with pets on campus, CNC is also responsible for ensuring the safety and well being of all campus community members, including those with allergies or whom experience interactions with animals more negatively.

Service Dog in the Gathering Place


CNC welcomes pets in outdoor publicly accessible campus spaces. 

Small fish in aquariums are allowed in campus buildings where they do not pose a health or safety risk. 

  • Employees must submit a request to their supervisor to have an aquarium on campus.
  • Students must submit a request to the Student Life and Housing Manager to have an aquarium in their dorm room. Aquariums in dorm rooms may not be larger than 37 liters (10 gallons).

Working Animals

  • Guide and service dogs may access campus without prior approval
  • Support animals must be approved as part of either an employee or student accommodation plan and registered with Safety & Security. For information about accommodation plans please contact:
  • Employees - contact Human Resources
  • Students – contact Accessibility Services
  • Therapy dogs under the care and control of approved volunteers must be registered with Safety & Security before being brought to campus.
  • Animals are permitted on campus for research or teaching purposes when required by the curriculum. They must be registered with Safety & Security.
  • Animals who are part of an exhibition or demonstration at a scheduled event must be registered with Safety & Security before being brought to campus. 

Working animals may not enter spaces where their presence could pose a health or safety risk for anyone or any other animal.

Before bringing an animal to campus please read the Animals on Campus policy to be sure you understand your responsibilities. 

If you have any questions about this policy please reach out to