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    The diverse student body at CNC has given me the opportunity to learn about different cultures around the world. What I learned during my studies at CNC will set me up for success in my profession. I've also grown as a person during my time at CNC and have made many lifelong friendships. I'm 10,584 kilometers away and it's been worth it.

    Theresa Sumagaysay

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Study at CNC, an accredited college with more than 90 distinct programs to choose from. Experience the great outdoors in northern British Columbia with a variety of activities. Live, work, and play in a safe, friendly, and affordable community. All while enjoying the support of quality academic advising and student service tools.

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  • Accredited college
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Small class sizes
  • Diverse student population
  • Transferable credit to universities across Canada

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