Meet The Team




Stephen Chase

Ext. 5409

Curriculum Developer

Supports program development and review, including new programs, program revisions, and navigation through the EdCo process. He also assists with curriculum development, aligning program objectives to course objectives, and accreditation. Steve is also interested in collaborative inquiry into academic quality, equity, diversity, inclusion, and Indigenization.

Kristin Hilder

Ext. 5841

Admin. Assistant, Education Council

Provides administrative support to Education Council and its subcommittees. These committees include the Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC), Policy Subcommittee and Program Committees. Kristin supports these teams through record maintenance, meeting support, as well as general communication to support the Education Council process as a whole.

Auroara Leigh

Curriculum Developer - Indigenization

Provides consultation, support and encouragement around the Indigenization process that CNC is implementing. Auroara offers curriculum development relational to Indigenous epistemologies that can better reflect the perspectives of Indigenous students and therefore facilitate safe spaces with mutual respect and understanding. Auroara fosters insight into the why, what, and how of indigenization and decolonization using a curious exploratory method of inquiry.

Sarah Matzelle

Ext. 5952

Learning Management System Administrator
(Lead Moodle support person)
Sarah is working to simplify and clarify processes in support of faculty. If you have questions about Moodle or ideas on how the system can work better at CNC, please reach out.

Stella Moon

Project Planner
Stella is the Project Planner for the CTL, paying meticulous attention to Programs and Quality, ensuring that every initiative CTL undertakes is crafted for excellence. Her passion lies in the pursuit of Truth and Reconciliation, and she is dedicated to bridging gaps and fostering understanding amongst the diverse communities within CNC. She cares deeply about maintaining high academic standards, enhancing the student experience, and nurturing the overall growth of the CTL. With unwavering dedication, she strives to contribute significantly to the academic and social fabric of our institution.

Deb Nielsen

Ext. 5188
Curriculum Developer

Supports course development, including new courses, course revisions, and navigation through the EdCo process. She also assists with curriculum development, competency mapping, and accreditation. Deb is also interested in open education, equity, diversity, and inclusion, and trauma-informed practice.

Robyn O'Donnell

Ext. 5676

 Administrative Assistant

Provides administrative support to  the Dean, CTL team, and Faculty Professional Development Committee. Robyn also coordinates CTL events such as May Days, and Faculty Orientations.

Mike Ray

Ext. 5630

Faculty Support / Educational Accessibility Developer

Mike is involved in day-to-day faculty support as well as providing guidance and help with larger strategic initiatives.  He loves working with faculty and coordinators to find ways the CTL can help remove barriers within the classroom and maximize learning.  Mike is also a great contact for discussing Indigenization, Universal Design, assessment, instructional techniques, and experiential learning.

Owen Siddals

Ext 5575

Multi-Media Project Coordinator

Owen is the multi-media project lead. He supports the production of materials used for educational and marketing purposes, and he also serves as Moodle support. Owen assists faculty with the development of their instructional materials by providing guidance and expertise.

 Rhea Woolgar

Education Developer
Rhea supports faculty in implementing and connecting their “big goals” for instruction with student learning. She connects faculty with skills and resources to implement their big goals for instruction. She loves working with instructors to support best practices of pedagogy, promote educational innovation, integrate excellent assessment of-for and as learning, and use ongoing reflective practice to assess their impact in their instructional space.