Apply to the Job Education Training (JET) Program

This program is designed for those who face barriers to employment and/or who have diagnosed or undiagnosed disabilities.

Increase your employability skills through personal skill development and experience in these areas:

  • Career planning
  • Essential skill building
  • Personal learning strategies
  • Health and wellness
  • Communication
  • Workplace literacy & numeracy
  • Resume and cover letters
  • Interview preparation
  • On the job experience

Step 1: Submit an Application

Apply for the JET program by completing the application form on this page. We are open for applications year-round!

Step 2: We’ll Get In Touch

You will be notified by your campus of choice about the next steps in the application process. You will meet with the instructor and coordinator to determine suitability for the program.

Preference will be given to applicants based on:

  • Desire to work
  • Basic communication skills
  • Independence
  • Previous work or volunteer experience

Step 3: Await Confirmation of Registration

Once you are determined eligible. We will contact you with your confirmation of registration.