Ethics Approval Process

The ethics approval process is guided by CNC Research Ethics Board Policy and is described in the CNC Research Ethics Board Procedures





Complete the most recent TCPS2: CORE tutorial on research ethics. Prepare your application using the Ethics Application Form. Before submitting, compare your application against the Reviewer Checklist to ensure you have covered all criteria. If your application is for course-based research, ensure you prepare all documents listed in the Ethics Application Form.


If your research study has already received REB approval from another institution, consult to confirm if you may submit the previously approved application, instead of completing CNC’s application form. Previously approved research studies still must receive approval from the CNC REB.


Submit your application form in PDF format via e-mail to . Be sure to include any attachments, such as research proposal or consent forms, also in PDF format.

Review by REB

Your application will be reviewed by the CNC REB within 3 weeks of submission if it is for a minimal risk study. If your application is assessed to be above minimal risk, review may take up to 1 additional month.


The REB may require that you amend your submission before approval is granted.

Approval and renewal

Once your application is approved, you will receive an approval notice via e-mail from . If the approved study lasts for over 1 year, you will need to submit an Ethics Status Form annually.

While research is underway

If any changes are made to your research protocol that were not outlined in your approved application, you will need to submit an Ethics Status Form before proceeding.


Once your study is complete, you will submit an Ethics Status Form.