Aboriginal Resources

Aboriginal Resource Centre (ARC)

Tiz Beyikh “Place of the Talking Stick” (May Contain Bannock) is open 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday for all students, staff and members of the community. The ARC provides necessary services for an easier transition into college and continued academic success.

Aboriginal Student Services

The Aboriginal Liaison/Advisor promotes and supports Aboriginal success by providing access to Aboriginal resources and culturally relevant activities. The liaison assists with sponsorships, supports First Nations partnerships and facilitates community input for future programs. In addition, the Liaison will liaise with sponsoring agencies, CNC faculty, academic and career planning and advice on support services at CNC.

The Aboriginal Support Worker provides individual support for funding applications, college bursaries/scholarships, as well as the recruitment, retention and success of Aboriginal students at CNC Lakes.

Scholarships & Awards

Aboriginal History Week

Each Spring the Lakes Campus sponsors a week of Aboriginal Culture and Activities that are open to the community.