The calendar/schedule for CTC students is slightly different than the that of the School District. The below calendar contains important dates, including holidays and start/end dates.   

    The CTC Program is dual-credit, which means the credits that students earn at CNC translate into high school credits. The below document is for counsellors and school systems admins to reference when entering grades.  

    The Industry Training Authority (ITA) is the provincial organization that coordinates British Columbia's skilled trades system. The ITA website is a great resource for trades program outlines, apprenticeship registration, and accessing your trades transcript.

    Working as a student

    Remember, we need a journey persons name, TQ number and signature to report the hours to ITA. We will not accept your work based training forms without this information. If you or your employer have any questions regarding this form please don't hesitate to contact the CTC office and we'll be happy to explain the process.

    ITA cards

    If you lost your ITA registration cards you must fill out a ITA replacement form and submit it to the ITA with payment. The CTC office will have your ITA number on file. When CTC students with ITA registration cards find an employer or change employers they must provide ITA with the name of their new employer and submit the appropriate ITA form.

    College Certificate

    On completion of Grade 12 you will receive credit for your program at CNC.

    Continuing your Apprenticeship

    If you wish to continue your apprenticeship, the first thing to do is find an employer willing to sponsor you. They must register as your sponsor with the ITA using the APPRENTICE/SPONSOR REGISTRATION FORM. To register for your next levels at the College of New Caledonia, you must submit a NEW CNC APPLICATION. Visit the CNC Trades Website to learn more.

    Financial aid

    Below are scholarship and bursary options available to CTC students. To apply for a scholarship or bursary, please visit Financial aid.

    CTC Financial Aid

    • Jim Rose Legacy Endowment Fund / Tuition Credit

    • $1000 Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) Scholarship

    Thank you to our donors!

    We would like to thank all of our supporters in the community. Without their generous donations, this fund would not have been possible.