Early Alert & Thrive at CNC

Unexpected challenges and difficulties at home, at work, or at school may come up for you during the school year that can impact your studies. At CNC, we want you to succeed and enjoy your time here. If you are a student at the Prince George campus, during the semester your instructors or other staff may refer you to the Early Alert & Thrive Program. 

This program is designed to assist students in finding and accessing resources that will support their academic success. Participation in the program is voluntary - it’s up to you if you’d like to access support.  

Regardless of if you access support or not, your referral or involvement will remain confidential and never become part of your transcript or academic record. 

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Referral Process

After being referred to the program by a CNC instructor or other staff, staff from the identified service area(s) will contact you. If you would like to access services, you will be connected with the resources that will best fit your needs.  

CNC students do not need to be referred to the program to access CNC services. If you are interested in accessing campus resources, you can do so by visiting Student Services, located in Room 1-753 at the Prince George campus, or by calling 250-561-5818.  


Appointments are friendly, non-judgmental conversations to develop a plan and work on specific concerns. They can also include secondary referrals to other services on campus or in the community.

Services you may be connected with include:

What is the Purpose of the Early Alert & Thrive Program? 

The Early Alert & Thrive Program helps to connect students with the campus resources and support they need when they need it.  

“Early support” programs have become best practice at many colleges and universities in Canada and the US. Other Canadian institutions that use early support and early alert type programs include UBC, Ryerson University, Mount Royal University, the University of Calgary, and many more.  

The development of an early support system was a priority identified by leadership that was included in CNC’s Institutional Health & Wellness Strategy. CNC’s Early Alert & Thrive program is a custom system developed by CNC Student Services, an “Early Support Committee”, and an “Early Alert Committee” comprised of staff, faculty, Students’ Union representatives, and educational administrators to fit the CNC context. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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