Thrive at CNC

Unexpected challenges and difficulties at home, at work, or at school may come up for you during the school year that can impact your studies. At CNC, we want you to succeed and enjoy your time here. If you are a student at the Prince George campus, during the semester your instructors or other staff may refer you to the Thrive Program. This program is completely voluntary and is meant to be an extra resource to connect you with other resources on campus that can help you work towards your academic and personal goals, and get the most out of your college experience.

If you are referred to the Thrive program, a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss the referral, and to see if you’re interested in accessing services. It’s up to you whether or not you’d like to access supports, and you can choose which of the recommended resources you would like to connect with. If you are interested in accessing campus resources, the Thrive team will help connect you with supports in the appropriate areas. They will also reach out to you again 1-2 weeks after you access services to check in with you and see if the resources they recommended are meeting your needs.

If you haven’t been referred to the Thrive program but are interested in finding out more about the resources available to you on campus, please connect with our Student Services office by visiting us in Room 1-753 or calling 250-561-5818. 

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Referral Process

After a referral is submitted, the Thrive team will review the referral and contact the student to offer services. If the student wants to access services, the team will help connect the student with the resources that will best meet their needs.


Appointments are friendly, non-judgmental conversations to develop a plan and work on specific concerns. They can also include secondary referrals to other services on campus or in the community.

Next Steps

After the initial appointment, a member of the Thrive team will reach out to you again 1-2 weeks to check in and see if the recommended resources are meeting your needs.

Information about Thrive program outreach is confidential and only accessed by members of the Thrive team. It’s stored separately from your academic records and will never become part of a transcript or general academic record.

Services you may be connected with include:

  • Aboriginal Resource Centre
  • Academic Advising
  • Accessibility Services
  • Campus housing
  • Counselling
  • Cultural supports
  • Financial Aid & Awards
  • International Education department
  • Medical supports through the Health & Wellness Centre
  • Peer Connections Program
  • Recreation Services
  • Testing & Tutoring Centre
  • Wellness Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Thrive FAQ

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