Research Forest Planning Documents

5-Year Management Plan

Prior to conducting any operations, a Management Plan describing forestry and research objectives and requirements is to be submitted to the Prince George Natural Resource District Manager for approval every five years.

A significant portion of the content is devoted to the results and strategies that are to be applied when undertaking forestry harvesting operations. The plan also includes a timber supply review, which forecasts the short-term and long-term annual harvest level.

Spruce Beetle Outbreak

In 2015, the province declared a spruce beetle outbreak within the Prince George and MacKenzie Natural Resource Districts. The rising spruce beetle attack was observed by the province in 2014 and is showing no signs of slowing down as the area containing active spruce beetles has now grown to 370,000 ha. Some of the most severe areas of attack occurred within the CNC Research Forest.

By summer 2015, hundreds of hectares of severe beetle attack were visible within the Research Forest units located north of Prince George. This necessitated a new Management Plan and Timber Supply Review submission in 2016 and a further amendment in 2017. The latest Management Plan submission identifies approximately 980,000m3 of forest stands to be harvested between spring 2016 and 2022 to address spruce beetle removal and to salvage damaged timber.

For more information on the spruce beetle outbreak follow this link.

To provide comment on the Management Plan or the Research Forest operations, you may contact the Research Forest Manager at any time:

Carl Pollard, BSc, RPF

CNC Research Forest Manager

Ph: 250-562-2131 (Local 5358) Cell: 250-996-1171 Fax: 250-561-5866 Email:

College of New Caledonia

3330 -22nd Avenue, Prince George, BC V2N 1P8

Development Plan

Each year, a Development Plan document and associated maps is updated, providing further planning specifics consistent with the approved Management Plan, and detailed summaries of the previous year’s developments. Portions of the Development Plan document and all the maps may be downloaded from this site. Additional information may be requested via the Research Forest Manager:

Documents for Downloading

Approved Management Plan #3 (2016 to 2021)

New, Submitted Management Plan #3 - Amendment #1 (2017-2022)

Development Plan (2017-2018)

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