Before You Arrive

After we have sent you an email confirming that you have a seat, it’s time to get ready to travel! Don't arrange travel until you hear from us! If you haven’t done those tasks yet, check out our how to apply information. 

Getting your Immigration Documents Ready

Study Permit

A study permit is a document from the Canadian government that allows foreign nationals to study at a designated learning institution (like CNC) in Canada.

CNC’s Designated Learning Institution (DLI) Number: O19360977332

If you are an international student in a program longer than six months, you need a study permit.

How to get a study permit


A passport is an official document of citizenship issued by the government of your country. It certifies your identity and citizenship and is used to travel to and from foreign countries. Apply for a passport with your country of citizenship.

Applications can take up to three months, so apply early.

Temporary Resident Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization

Citizens of certain countries need one of these two documents to travel to Canada. To find out which you need, use this helpful guide.

Failure to Appear: Students who arrive in Canada with a Study Permit secured through CNC but who fail to appear for classes will be reported to Immigration Canada as “Missing”.

Preparing to Live in Canada

Once you have your visa, it’s time to prepare to travel to and live in Canada.

Arrange your Travel

Book your flights or other form of travel. Make sure to give yourself enough time to get settled in your accommodations before orientation.

Don’t forget to plan transportation from the airport to your accommodations.

Find a Place to Stay

There are lots of options for places to live during your studies. Consider our Campus Housing options, VEDA student housing, or browse other rentals in Prince George, BC.

Transportation in Prince George


If you have a valid driver’s license in your country, you can use it while you are a student. You can also choose to take a BC driver’s exam to receive a Class 5 driver’s license.

Public Transit

Your CNC Student ID can be used to access transit in Prince George. Check out available bus routes and schedules on the BC Transit website.

Open a Canadian Bank Account

Make sure you have a bank account in Canada for easy access to funds.

Opening a Bank Account

Medical Insurance

All international students are required by law to have medical insurance while studying in BC.

More about Medical Insurance

Prepare to Attend CNC

Prepare for Orientation

Visit the Orientation page to get started and learn about resources made for you. Take the online orientation course and attend start-of-semester events. Here you’ll also find webinars and help articles to prepare you for your studies.



Pay your fees or set up a payment plan Pay your fees or set up a payment plan

Arriving in Canada

Once you arrive in Canada, there are a few more things to do.

Once you arrive