Student Election Notice 

CNC’s Education Council contains seats for student representatives to ensure student voices are heard. This is your chance to build relationships, learn skills that will prepare you for your career, and become involved in the CNC community.  

College Board Seats

We are pleased to announce Clarence Bo and Holiness Ozumba have been awarded seats on the College Board as your student representatives.

Clarence and Holiness will represent all students when voting on decisions regarding tuition, budgets, credentials, business affairs, and strategic direction.

Education Council Seats

Also, big congratulations to Priya Kumari who was awarded a student representative seat on the Education Council. Priya will be your student voice for decisions regarding educational and academic policy, instruction, student evaluations, and curriculum content.

As we have 3 available seats and 4 nominees, we will be going to an election. The 4 candidates will be able to campaign to gain students support from September 19th - October 2nd.

Voting will take place on October 3rd and 4th. Voting will be conducted via survey monkey, and the email will come from

Meet your student nominees for the 3 remaining seats on Education Council


My name is Chandan and I am coming forward for this post because I always wanted to do something for the welfare of students by improving their methods of effective learning. Also, I wanted to increase the opening hours of the library on weekends, because the bus service is limited.

Jose Charles

Hey Guys,

I am an International Student in my final year at CNC. Like many of you, I came to Canada with the hope of achieving all my goals and aspirations, knowing that the first step to success would be completing my studies. Over the past 2 years, it has been an incredible journey that has allowed me to grow personally, academically, and professionally; that's precisely why I would like to share some of my ideas with you, I can't promise that my proposals will be carried out, but I will certainly put them on the table:

  1. Free Grammarly premium accounts for all students.
  2. An anonymous complaint system.
  3. ln-person sessions on how to use Zoom, Moodie, CNC Connect, or any platform during upcoming orientations.
  4. Official sports clubs with financial support from CNC, not just the Students Union (including free uniforms, free transportation, and scholarships or discounts for sports performance).
  5. Free book packages or discounts for the top 3 students in each class for the next semester.
  6. The option for adults or mature students to opt out of Greenshield without similar or greater coverage.

Thank you for your support!

Shane Funnell

I would like to represent a diverse viewpoints on the education council as I have learning disabilities and am transgender. 

Kartik Manchanda

My name is Kartik Manchanda and I want to run for the elections for student council because primarily I want to be a helping hand in various student’s academic journey. I have seen many students struggling with education in term of course completion and choosing right program and course. Being a student, I understand this and I want to help others as well. Also, I want to encourage students to be a well-rounded including moral ethics and communication skills.

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