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Education Council 


Your Candidates

Funnell, Shane

Would like to deliver education in the different ways students learn.


I will work to represent your interest and ensure that every voice is heard and every perspective is considered. I believe that together we can make our college an even better place. I am excited about the possibility of serving as your representative on the student council, and I would be honored to have your support. Thank you.

Kumar, Varun

I am passionate about fostering educational empowerment and inclusion within our student community. As a dedicated and empathetic individual, I am committed to advocating for the needs and concerns of all students, ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities to thrive. I believe that by serving as a student representative, I can effectively contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive learning environment for all.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for decisions regarding tuition, budgets, credentials, business affairs, and strategic direction.

Your Candidates

Dumalag, Analee

As a student representative on the College Board, I am committed to representing the diverse voices of our student body and working with the College Board to make our school a supportive, inclusive, and conducive place for every student to reach their full potential. Firstly, I will advocate for policies and initiatives to utilize resources and enhance support services that promote mental and emotional health, aid against tuition fee increases, and opportunities for part-time jobs. Secondly, I will actively sponsor student activities (in-school and in the community) to foster solidarity and camaraderie among students, cultivating a campus environment that celebrates diversity and where everyone feels welcome and accepted, regardless of their background. Finally, I will uphold academic excellence by advocating for resources and support systems that equip all CNC students with tools and opportunities for success in their studies and future careers.

Folarin, Olanrewaju

I Olanrewaju Folarin a student of HRM, indicate my interest as the best candidate to be nominated as the student representative to the college board for a one-year tenure commencing in 2024 because my passion to serve and ensure students are positively impacted both on and off campus community, I’m excellent at communicating with students of different faculties and background which will help foster inclusiveness and open dialogue on campus, as a student myself I totally understand the student needs and I will continue to engage them to understand other needs which I can always bring to the school board to ensure the needs of students are met and we all have a proper work life and academic/study balance, this is a major challenge on campus as most students have challenges to coordinate their academics while trying to work alongside.

By electing me as the student representative to the college board, there will be no doubt that the committee is choosing a dedicated, experienced, academically, and socially aware representative who will be championing the interest of the diverse students on campus for a better campus community.

Kalra, Chandan

  • As an enthusiastic and committed overseas student, my goal is to ensure that tuition costs are equitable for all students studying abroad.
  • I also want to talk about a few policies to make sure the board is headed in the appropriate strategic path.
  • Both mature and foreign students are covered by the policies.

Rajput, Garry

College can be a lot of things — new, exciting, intimidating, and full of uncertainties. Everyone’s experience with post-secondary is unique, and I think that was true for myself as well. My journey here at CNC started back in Fall of 2022. I consider myself lucky having the opportunity to work for the Students’ Union and within the college.

My experience as a student was also unique — coming to a new country and having to navigate as an international student, establishing my footing as an openly gay student on campus. It is my genuinely belief that conversations and a positive intent can bring about change. I want to invest into this campus, make sure that the opinions of students are brought to the table, and actively be present on campus to have those conversations with students.


Voting for both elections will take place Monday, March 4 - Tuesday, March 5.  

Look for an email being sent to your preferred email address from In that email you will find a link to a Survey Monkey survey to cast your vote. 

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