Policy Development & Review Process

This page gives an overview of the policy development and review process at CNC. Different types of policies have slightly different processes so if you have any questions after reviewing this page, please reach out to Policy, Planning & Strategy.

Policy Work Request

Once a need has been identified for policy development or review, the planned policy work must be approved by the appropriate approving body.

Policy Development Policy Work Request

  • Complete the Policy Development or Revision Request form

  • Connect with Policy, Planning & Strategy

Scoping & Drafting

After the policy work has been approved, the policy developer(s) can begin to research, scope and draft the new or revised policy. Before beginning to write the policy documents, it is helpful to review similar policies and develop a policy outline.

Policy Development Scoping & Drafting

  • Review similar policies from other institutions

  • Develop an outline for your policy and procedures

  • Write the first draft

  • Review drafts

Review & Consultation

Once the draft documents are approved for circulation to stakeholders, it is time to gather feedback.

Policy Development Review & Consultation

  • Engage the CNC community for feedback on the policy

  • Send the policy for review by any applicable committees

  • Review feedback and revise as necessary

Policy Approvals

After the draft policy documents have been finished, they are ready for review by the Executive Committee or Education Council.

Policy Development Approvals

  • Policy submitted to approving body

  • Policy approved and posted

Communication & Training

Once the policy is approved, it is important that the new policy, procedures, and any forms are communicated to the College community. Some policies may also require training for staff or students.