CNC Maintenance Windows

Maintenance windows provide ITS opportunities to make changes to infrastructure and systems that assists in ensuring the reliable function of College servers, software, networks and workstations. These steps will allow CNC systems to operate to their optimal level.

Maintenance windows are essential to minimize the overall downtime and smooth operations of CNC’s technological services.

Types of Maintenance Windows

There are four primary types of scheduled maintenance windows, from low impact to high impact.

  1. Daily Maintenance Windows
  2. Weekly Maintenance Windows
  3. Monthly Maintenance Windows
  4. Quarterly Maintenance Windows

Additionally, CNC may conduct maintenance on servers and/or network equipment, as well as enterprise and administrative services on any CNC observed holiday.

Types of Maintenance

Low Impact


 Production maintenance and/or backup processes are to run daily between (22:00) and (06:00). During this time, enterprise/administrative services may be offline. 


ITS may need to take servers and/or network equipment, as well as enterprise/administrative services down for maintenance or repair every Tuesday night, from 22:00 until 06:00 the following morning.

While these maintenance windows are scheduled to run for 8 hour increments, that represents the expected maximum.

High Impact


On the third Sunday of every month, ITS may take servers and/or network services down for the entirety of the day. During this time, enterprise/administrative services may also be offline.


ITS will schedule quarterly maintenance windows for major enterprise and administrative services. These dates will be selected as being of least disruption to CNC departmental needs. During this time, please expect all major services will be offline.

Unscheduled Downtimes

In some instances, it will not be possible to wait until the maintenance window.  Should this occur, ITS will notify the College community by normal means of communication.