Meet the Applied Research Team


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    Carl Pollard

    Manager, CNC Research Forest, BSc, RPF | Interim Director, Applied Research & Innovation

    Carl directs and plans initiatives involving the CNC Research Forest, including forestry-related applied research projects. As a Registered Professional Forester with 35 years of forestry experience, Carl is primarily interested in forest stewardship research that will benefit future ecosystems and the people who depend on them.
  • Dr Pablo Crespell

    Dr. Pablo Crespell

    Research Fellow, PhD

    Pablo is responsible for collaborating with potential partners to design applied research project solutions in the areas of wood products innovation and forestry technology. He is also available to lead the implementation of projects in these areas.
  • Katee-Leigh Doyon

    Katee-Leigh Doyon

    Research Assistant, CNC Research Forest

    Since joining the Research Forest staff in 2020, Katee’s work has primarily focused on a shelf-life study examining the wood properties of spruce-beetle attacked white spruce, as well as work examining the effects of climate change on subalpine fir health.
  • Melissa Mjolness

    Melissa Mjolsness

    Research Assistant, CNC Research Forest, RFT

    Melissa has led and supported a broad range of forestry-related research projects since joining CNC in 2013. Broadly, these have involved utilizing forestry technology to address problems related to riparian management and overall forest health, as well as mentoring CNC students.
  • Shelby Roberts

    Shelby Roberts

    Research Associate, BA

    Shelby is primarily responsible for initiating partnership and grant development for research projects in collaboration with First Nations communities. Shelby’s experience in invasive plant treatment and other forestry-related projects fuel an interest in maintaining native plant and sustainable food systems for local communities.
  • Vanessa Uschenko

    Vanessa Uschenko

    Research Assistant, CNC Research Forest, BSc, RPBio

    Vanessa has led and supported a broad range of forestry-related research projects since joining CNC in 2017. Her projects have primarily focused on wildlife monitoring in a forestry context, including investigations of fish inventory, northern toad populations, and spruce beetle capture.
  • Zachary Fleck

    Zachary Fleck

    Project Planner, BA

    Zach develops and adapts internal business processes to best meet the needs of CNC students, faculty, and partners in applied research. He also provides project management support for current applied research projects.