Messaging Toolkit

Our brand image is a result of everything that everyone sees, reads and hears about us. Every time someone interacts with one of our team members. Or views our website. Enters one of our campuses. Views a CNC ad or social media post. Or hears about us from a friend. The way we speak is known as our “brand tone of voice”. And it’s just as important as our visual identity. Because—as well as always looking like CNC—we need to always sound like CNC.

We want our students, our team and our community to immediately and instinctively recognize and feel energized and encouraged by the CNC voice; the kind of words and phrases we use (vocabulary), the way in which they’re used (dialect), and how it all comes together (tone of voice).

Our brand voice is a powerful tool to help us connect with people in a way that’s engaging and inspiring while being relatable and human. We can refer to this brand voice when writing everything for CNC; including brochures, signage, internal communications, website, blogs and social media posts. Everything should sound the same, as if it’s spoken in one voice: distinctive, memorable and consistent.

Here, you’ll find tools and guidelines to help you learn about our new brand and incorporate it into your work. 

Tone of Voice (TOV) document

Our tone of voice document will help make sure that, no matter what we write, we’ll have a voice that always sounds like CNC. This voice that represents the spirit of CNC and embodies who we are as strongly as possible needs to keep our positioning attributes in mind at all times. This is a locked document that requires a password. Request access by contacting

Key Message Matrix

Our key message matrix is a framework that ensures our messaging is on brand and in line with our tone of voice when referencing the pillars of our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan – Promoting Student Success. This is a locked document that requires a password. Request access by contacting