Research Forest Society Legacy Fund

Do you have a project idea involving forest resources that is expecting to bring an environmental and/or social benefit to people of the CNC region? If so, then look no further.

Not Currently Accepting Applications

Thank you for your interest in the CNC Research Forest Society Legacy Fund, please check in for future updates and funding opportunities.

Previously Funded Projects

Ecosystem Education Centre

The Vanderhoof elementary and secondary schools are establishing an educational trail system within the community, to showcase the cultural and hydrological importance of wetland features to the Saik'uz First Nation and ecosystem health.

Program Details

Traditional saplings and shrubs are unloaded from a trailer

Native Plants Reclamation and Habitat Restoration 2022 Recipient of $50,000

Nazko First Nation’s Traditional Territory is located within BC’s Interior Plateau. This area has been heavily affected by fire and flood throughout history. The Nazko First Nations are developing a Landscape Recovery Program to enhance and restore native plants and habitat within their territory.

Program Details

Upgrading the Historic Goat River Trail 2022 Recipient of $50,000

The Fraser Headwaters Alliance was established as a group to protect and conserve the headwaters of the Fraser River. Their latest project involves reestablishing the Historic Goat River Trail that originates back to 1886.

Goat River Trail Project

Fraser Headwaters Alliance Conservation
a large white tipi in the forest

Young Rainbow Warriors 2020 Recipient of $45,000

Since establishment in 2014, the Young Rainbow Warriors Society has been working together and with community to establish a food in the forest concept as well as traditional teachings and sustainable community practices.

Young Rainbow Warriors Project

District of Mackenzie 2020 Recipient of $45,000

The Mackenzie District is working with multiple partners and groups in developing a community trail that connects on route core recreation amenities to enhance year round low impact recreational and nature education opportunities for residents and visitors.

Mackenzie District Legacy Fund Summary

Mackenzie District Trail Map