Reporting Wrongdoing at CNC : Protected Disclosure (Whistleblower) Policy 

CNC’s Protected Disclosure policy protects employees who report serious wrongdoing. It ensures that if you see something wrong, you can report it without fear of retaliation.

Protected Disclosure Policy     Protected Disclosure Procedure

What is wrongdoing? 

Wrongdoing under B.C.’s Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) includes: 

  • Illegal activities
  • Misuse of public funds or assets
  • Gross mismanagement or abuse of authority
  • Acts that endanger health and safety
  • Acts that harm the environment 

To learn more about reporting wrongdoing under PIDA, complete the Speaking up Safely course for all public sector employees. 

Who Can Report

Current and past CNC employees and board members can report wrongdoing under this policy.

Students are not eligible to report under this policy but can submit complaints under one of CNC’s student-focused policies.  

How Will I be Protected

We will keep your identity and the details of your report kept confidential as much as possible. CNC has put steps in place to strictly protect the confidentiality of complainants. 

It is against the law for anyone to punish or retaliate against you for making a report under PIDA in good faith. This includes being fired, demoted, or mistreated. 

How to Report Wrongdoing 

You can report wrongdoing internally to either your supervisor, or to one of CNC’s Designated Officers. You must submit your report in writing.  

Protected Disclosure Reporting Form

If you have concerns about reporting internally, you can also report directly to the B.C. Office of the Ombudsperson.  

Questions or Concerns? 

If you have any questions about reporting wrongdoing or your protections under PIDA, you can contact: 

  • One of CNC's designated officers
  • Your supervisor
  • Your union representative
  • A lawyer
  • The Office of the Ombudsperson 

Remember, reporting wrongdoing is a critical part of maintaining a safe, ethical, and effective workplace. Your courage to speak up helps us all. 

Important Contacts

Designated Officer Contact Information: 

Office of the Ombudsperson: 

Protected disclosure annual report  

As part of our reporting process, CNC will provide an annual report on its protected disclosure activities.  

We expect to provide the first report in the spring of 2025.