What is This Project?

What is our character?


CNC is reimagining the College’s look and building a new website, a visual assets library, and guidelines/resources for print. Building an identity allows us to showcase the true culture at CNC, and set a direction for the character development of the College.

The identity:

  • Expresses CNC’s unique character and main draws, setting us apart from other schools.
  • Is made up of all of the ways that we communicate internally and externally, including visual, written, and spoken communications, as well as the experiences that we offer.
  • Allows CNC to speak with one voice.
  • Creates efficiencies within the College, allowing for faster and more accurate delivery of information
  • Provides a method for executing many aspects of the Strategic Plan (2017-2020)

What is an Identity?

Identity Pyramid
This graphic shows the breakdown of how an identity is formed and embodied by an organization. This project tackles everything from the top of the pyramid down to the bottom. The lower levels of the pyramid are meant to evolve and adapt over the years to conform to the current best practice for communication, while the higher levels are the lasting principles and core of our brand that can be applied for many years to come.

Characterizing CNC Details

  • Strategic Principles

  • Rules and Styles

  • Templates, Guides, and Assets

  • Final Communications

Project Breakdown and Timeline

Phase 1: Discovery and Planning

January to March 2018

This is where we need the most input from you. In this stage, we gather data on best practices in general, but also information about what the best methods will be for CNC. This includes looking at our existing use of our identity and analytics, engaging our focus groups, and conducting interviews and usability tests for printed and digital materials.

Then we decide on

  • what our workflows and standard operating procedures look like.
  • the required templates and assets.
  • website structure and functionality.

Phase 2: Building

March to September 2018

This means creating the assets, guides, and templates.

  • Written content creation
  • Photography and videography

Phase 3: Internal Preparation & Education

June to December 2018

CNC is a big place, and to ensure that everyone at CNC knows how to use all of our new assets and make sure that the transition is as seamless as possible we will spend this time preparing internally.

This process will include orientations, Q&A sessions, and resources for employees.

Phase 4: Implementation & Launch

January 2019

It’s celebration time!

In conjunction with our 50th anniversary, we will be officially launching our new identity and website. This means celebrations and new features to explore.

Phase 5: Ongoing Improvement

January 2019 - Onward

In order to ensure that our new identity keeps up with the needs of the future, the evolving culture at CNC, and stays cohesive and practical, an ongoing development strategy will be implemented. This will include ways to gather feedback and data about how our identity and assets perform and methods for making changes, adding new assets, and maintaining the brand.