Student Assistant Work Opportunities

With multiple ongoing research projects and regular forestry operations, there is a need for temporary employees, particularly for fieldwork to support Research Forest operations and specific natural resource research projects during the spring and summer seasons.

This is an excellent opportunity for students of the CNC Natural Resources and Forest Technology program to gain practical work experience that is teamwork focused in delivering unique and challenging outcomes.

The Research Forest is able to offer competitive, rewarding wages and benefits. Where students may not have related work experience, they will be teamed with experienced, dedicated personnel who will provide you the necessary guidance and expertise.

  • Site Install
  • WCS Assisted Migration 2018
  • Site Index S2020
  • Hannah, Melissa, Vanessa Bat Install
  • Hannah Ponds
  • Beetle Bush 2017
  • F-1 Weather Station
  • Beetle Monitor 2017
  • E-1 Students
  • D-1 Soil Pit with Stephan
  • D1 Burn Plantation Soil Pit
  • E-2 Beetle Trial
  • D-1 Greg Alex and Vanessa GPS

What Student Assistants Do

You may expect to experience multiple different projects and work during your Research Forest work term.

Your duties may include involvement in field activities such as:

  • Implementation of planting trials and stand treatment trials
  • Overseeing tree planting and silviculture activities
  • Installing monitoring equipment
  • Natural resource monitoring assessments
  • Collecting biological, soil and water samples
  • Natural resource measurements
  • Site preparation for wildlife habitat
  • Silviculture surveys
  • Forest health assessments
  • Young stand treatments
  • Cutblock layout
  • Road deactivation and rehabilitation
  • Road and trail construction.

As well, you may expect to undertake related office duties such as:

  • Recording or transferring field data
  • Sorting and storage of digital information
  • Laboratory analysis of field collections
  • Literature reviews
  • Reporting field findings and information to the Research Forest Manager
  • Mapping with GIS software
  • Work planning and safety meetings

Length of Work Terms

The Research Forest offers 4-month work opportunities for 1 or 2 Research Forest Assistants starting in late April or early May.

For those not returning to school, work terms may be extended based on performance and available work.

Hiring Process

Upcoming work opportunities are communicated internally to CNC NRFT students between October and March each year.

Those interested may respond by submitting a digital cover letter and resume, as directed in the job notice. An in-person interview is mandatory prior to hiring.

In the event that no CNC NRFT students are available for the work opportunities, then the Research Forest Manager will advertise externally for suitable students engaged in natural resource management studies.