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CNC wants to help you get your fall 2020 and spring 2021 registration on the right track.

COVID-19 has led to big changes for us. Our focus is on how we can safely provide courses. We also know students want to make their plans for the fall. This year, registration for classes will open before timetables are confirmed. That means that classes may not have times and dates associated with them until the timetable is released on August 14th.

Registration Process Fall 2020

Ready To Register?

CNC sets priority registration based on a student’s program, their accumulated credit hours, as well as their academic standing. You will receive an email with your priority date. When you are ready to register at your appointed registration time, login to your account and choose your courses.

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Course Delivery Methods

The majority of classes will be offered online as scheduled (students will be expected to “meet” online at a specific day/time) or unscheduled (no specific meet times). Please note the first two characters of the section codes per the table shown:

Letter Meaning
CI Classroom with Instructor Present (Scheduled)
CV Classroom videoconference interactive from one campus to another
WI Web with Instructor Present (Scheduled)
WU Web Unscheduled
LI Lab with Instructor Present (Scheduled)
LU Lab Unscheduled
PI Practicum
SI Seminar

Frequently Asked Questions

2020 Register FAQ

More questions and answers coming soon.