Registration - Timetables and Class Schedules

For information on registration, courses, grades, classes, and class schedules, please use CNC Connect. Students must log in to access personal information.

The following documents are in PDF format and will open in a new window. Timetables are accurate to the date shown in the top left corner of the document.

If you cannot find the course you are interested in, please go directly to CNC Connect or call the Office of the Registrar at 250-561-5800. 

Exam Schedules

2019 Intersession Exam Schedule

2019-2020 Timetables

Prince George Campus (as of April 2nd)

2019 Intersession Timetable

2019 Fall Timetable PG

2020 Spring Timetable PG

Prince George Academic Upgrading

2019 Fall ACDU Timetable

2020 Spring ACDU Timetable

Quesnel Campus

2019 Fall Timetable - Quesnel

2020 Spring Timetable - Quesnel

Quesnel Campus Academic Upgrading Timetables

2019 Fall ACDU Timetable - Quesnel

2020 Spring ACDU Timetable - Quesnel

Community Campus via DDI (as of March 11)

2019 Intersession Timetable DDI

2019 Fall DDI Timetable

2020 Spring DDI Timetable