Register for Classes Timetables and Class Schedules

CNC wants to help you get your registration on the right track.

COVID-19 has led to big changes for us. Our focus is on how we can safely provide courses.

Registration Steps on CNC Connect

  1. Access your priority registration date on CNC Connect in mid-May
  2. Plan your courses with Student Planning
  3. Register for your courses on or after your registration date
  4. Pay your fees before the Fee Deadline
    • August start: July 26th
    • September Start: August 24th

Register Through Student Planning

To access Student Planning, log in to CNC Connect  and then select Student Planning under the Registration menu. 

In Student Planning, your first step is to make a plan for your entire program of studies. Then every term/year, you will create a schedule (timetable) and register for your courses on or after your assigned registration date/time. Along the way, Student Planning will track your progress in fulfilling your program requirements.

Ready To Register?

CNC sets priority registration based on a student’s program, their accumulated credit hours, as well as their academic standing. You will receive an email with your priority date. When you are ready to register at your appointed registration time, login to your account and choose your courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

2020 Register FAQ

  • What is priority registration?

  • How can I begin to either move to Prince George or stay in my community?

  • What is the difference between planning courses and planning sections?

  • What does my Instructional Method mean?

  • Having Trouble with Student Planning?

Registration Process