Health, Safety & Wellbeing

The information on this page is about health and wellness specific to international students. Find more health and wellness services including counselling, health and dental support, and other resources on the main health and wellness page.

Health & Wellness Resources

Medical Insurance

All international students are required by law to have medical insurance while studying in BC.

Your First Three Months in Canada

Your first three months are covered by MyCanadaPlan by Gallivan Health and Wellness. This plan provides emergency medical coverage for the first 3 months of study at CNC. This insurance is mandatory and your enrollment is automatic.

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After the First Three Months

After three months, students are required to enroll in the Government of BC Medical Insurance Plan (MSP).  Students are responsible for enrolling themselves and family members in the MSP Plan.

We recommend that you apply to MSP as soon as you arrive in Canada to allow for processing time.

Apply for MSP

Extended Health and Dental

Full-time students (except for ESL) who started in the September semester have an Extended Health and Dental plan through the Student Union. For more information about your plan, visit the Student Union office or website.

Campus Safety

Your safety on and off campus is important to us. For detailed safety information, please visit Security and First Aid.

Student Life

Get settled in via campus housing, make friends, attend events, network and socialize, exercise, savor our cafeteria meals, and enjoy perks of the amazing CNC Campus Life experience.

Student Life Resources

Student Wellness & Safety