Dual Credit

Test drive college by taking courses while attending high school.

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit is an opportunity for high school students to begin post-secondary programs and courses while they are still in high school. This option is available for grade students in good academic standing.

Chemistry 6

5 Reasons to take Dual Credit

  1. Your tuition is FREE! Only pay student fees.
  2. Earn credits for high school and post-secondary at once.
  3. Transfer credits to other colleges and universities.
  4. Start college with a lighter course load.
  5. Build confidence in your future after graduation. 

How to apply

Step 1: View available courses of interest

Step 2: Complete the Dual Credit Application.

Step 3: The high school counselor will submit your completed dual credit application package on your behalf to regoffice@cnc.bc.ca.

Step 4: Student needs to register for the course –  View How to register for classes instructional video (need to scroll down to 6th video) 

Things to Know


Applications open on September 15th each year.

Applications must be submitted by

  • June for Fall and Spring Terms
  • January for the intersession term

We strongly recommend students to apply at the end of their Grade 11 year to get September course. Once their application is accepted they need to register for their course.

Available Courses

You can view available courses by searching our Course Catalogue.

There is an instructional video on how to find courses on the course calendar under “Planning Courses”. 

Tips for a successful application

We highly recommend:

  • Students meet with their high school counselor in Grade 10 or 11 to discuss your interest in dual credit
  • Students complete English 12 as soon as possible (last semester of Grade 11, before the dual credit program starts, if possible).

Students interested in science-based courses such as Biology, Chemistry and or Calculus, must have the appropriate Grade 12 pre-requisites completed before starting the post-secondary equivalent at CNC.

How to