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The Dual Credit program is an avenue for grade 12 students in good academic standing to take post-secondary level courses in their last year of high school. This program is a partnership between CNC and School District 57 that allows the student to use credit from the post-secondary course towards both their high school diploma and future post-secondary credentials.

Things to Know:

  • We recommend students who plan to enroll in the Dual Credit program have no more than three high school courses in the semester that they take courses at CNC.
  • English Studies 12 should be completed as early as possible (last semester of Grade 11, before Dual Credit program starts, if possible).
  • Students interested in pursuing science based courses (such a Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus) must have the appropriate grade 12 pre-requisite course completed before starting the post-secondary equivalent at CNC.
    • Example: If interested in taking first-year chemistry within the Dual Credit program, a student would want to have completed Chemistry 12 by the end of their grade 11 year, which would then allow them to take CHEM 111 in the first semester and CHEM 112 in the second semester of grade 12, thus having completed their entire first year of post-second chemistry by the time they graduate high school.

Application Process

  • Students interested in the Dual Credit program should consult with their high school counsellor as soon as possible to ensure that their high school courses are laid out in the best manner possible, completing some courses early if possible and ensuring a reasonable workload while they are in the Dual Credit program.
  • Students will require the signature of their high school counsellor, principal, and parent/guardian before the application can be forwarded to CNC (admissions@cnc.bc.ca).
  • Once the application has be received by admissions at CNC, the student will be contacted by a CNC advisor to set up an appointment to review the application and select appropriate class(es).
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