Applying to Graduate - Form and Deadline Dates

Icon_Media Spring 2021 Graduation Applications:

Students graduating in Spring 2021 cannot apply at this time while we confirm details about convocation.  Please return in March and submit your application to graduate.  Thank you.

All students in credential programs need to complete the Apply to Graduate form, even if you do not plan on attending the graduation ceremony (also known as convocation or commencement).

How to Apply

  • Login to CNC Connect
  • Go to the "Academic Profile” tab
  • Confirm the program and credential you are graduating from
  • Complete the “Application for Graduation” form

If the program and credential you are graduating from is not correct

  • Do not complete the form
  • Contact the Office of the Registrar in person, by email or by phone to have your program changed
  • Once the program has been changed and displays correctly, proceed with completing the form

Apply on Time!

The proposed CNC graduation application deadline is Friday, May 3 at 2021 pm.  In order to receive your credential in the mail and have your name printed in the official 2020 graduation program, your application must be submitted by midnight on May 3, 2021.