Fee Deferrals

Fee Deferrals Available for Fall 2020:

Registered domestic students receiving full-time loans for the 2020 Fall semester can request a fee deferral by e-mailing the Financial Aid & Awards office at Finaid@cnc.bc.ca.  Your request must contain your student number and your loan application number.  Fee deferral requests for Spring 2021 can be made starting in mid-November. 

Programs that commence in September - Fee deferral requests must be received before August 27, 2020.

If you missed applying for a Fee deferral by the due date, contact Financial Services (AR@cnc.bc.ca) to arrange a possible payment plan.

If you have applied for a Student Loan, your funds will not be disbursed to your bank account in time to meet CNC's tuition deadline. There are two options available:

  • Once you receive your Notice of Assessment from StudentAidBC, call the Financial Aid & Awards office in Prince George at 250-561-5838 or 1 800 371 8111 ext. 5838 or email finaid@cnc.bc.ca with your student loan application number and CNC student number. You may be eligible for a fee deferral which will delay your tuition due date to the middle of the first month of the current semester.
  • If you are late in applying for a student loan; prefer not to apply for a loan; or it is after the deadline date for a seat deposit but need financial help, you can make an application for a CNC Payment Plan with the Financial Services department. Contact Financial Services by phone at 250-561-5832 or 1-800-371-8111 ext 5832, by e-mail at AR@cnc.bc.ca or visit their office on the third floor.

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