Safety On CampusPrince George Campus

At CNC, we highly value the safety and security of our students, staff, and campus visitors. The following resources and procedures have been put in place to foster a safe and secure learning environment for all. 

Safe Walk

  • Have our security personnel safely accompany you to your destination on campus, or to your vehicle.
  • Safe Walk is available 24/7 at the Prince George campus.
  • To request a Safe Walk, visit the Security office, call local 200 any time, or pick up any emergency red phone on the Prince George campus.  

Safety Alerts & Radar

  • Incident investigations play an important role in preventing similar incidents from re-occurring in the future.
  • CNC investigates all serious incidents and makes every effort to learn from them so the same hazard doesn’t cause a similar incident.
  • Safety Alerts & Safety Radars are used to share the outcomes of incident investigations and provide a reminder of possible hazards so you can avoid getting injured.

Red Phone

  • These “Red Phones” are emergency telephones distributed throughout the Prince George campus so you can quickly contact security. 
  • CNC Prince George Security is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer calls for assistance.
  • Use the Red Phones to report emergencies, request a Safe Walk, summon first-aid, report suspicious activity, and to request assistance (e.g. for car problems, you are lost, etc.).

Lost & Found

  • The CNC Security manages lost and found property at the Prince George campus.
  • All found property received by CNC Security, if unclaimed shall be retained for a 30-day period. Where possible, found property shall be returned to the rightful owner.
  • All lost property can be reported to CNC Security and if the items is later located, attempts will be made to return the property to the rightful owner.