Media Technology Services

Media Technology Services equipment is available for booking to current college employees and students only. Users are responsible for replacement or repair of damaged or stolen equipment.


  • Equipment loans and rentals (e.g. TVs, projectors, sound/PA systems)
  • Video, audio and digital production (audio/video recording, photography)
  • Scanning, audio/video duplication, and transfer (e.g. VHS to DVD)
  • Other equipment and resources
  • Printing and lamination
  • 3D printing

Media Lab rooms equipped with AV/presentation equipment are bookable by CNC employees only, through the library.

Using Our Services


Students may use equipment for presentations and projects in your class. You will need to fill out a Student Use form, and show your current CNC Student Card at the time you book and later pick up the equipment. Note, due to the demands placed on our equipment, students are normally limited to loans of up to 3 days only, and we have a late-return charge of $10/day for students who are more than a day late in returning items.


If you're an employee, just fill out an Equipment Circulation form and return it to us (or put the form in our mailbox) at least 24 hours before you need the equipment. If you want to borrow equipment on more than one date you'll need to fill out a separate form for each date.

If you work in a regional campus and need a piece of equipment, please request it through your campus director, for evaluation and referral to Media Services.


Community members cannot borrow equipment at this time.