Once You Arrive

Welcome to Canada! Whether you’ve just stepped off the plane or are about to begin your studies, this information will ensure you’re set up for success. 

If you haven't already...

Complete the before you arrive section before you arrive
Pay your fees or set up a payment plan Pay your fees or set up a payment plan

Arriving in Prince George 

Click here for information about arranging transportation from the airport, connecting with others, and settling into your new home.  

International Students - Arriving in Prince George

  • Transportation from the Airport

  • Connecting with Others and Making New Friends

Preparing for Your Classes 

Make sure to attend Orientation, obtain medical insurance, tour campus, and get to know CNC.  

International Students - Preparing to Live in Canada

  • Arrange your Travel

  • Find a Place to Stay

  • Transportation in Prince George

  • Open a Canadian Bank Account

  • Obtain Medical Insurance

  • Things to do in Prince George

Working in Canada 

Depending on the status of your study permit, you may be allowed to work off-campus during your time as an international student.  

International Students - Working in Canada

Connect with Student Services 

Once you’re settled, connect with resources designed to help you succeed in your studies and beyond.  

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