Finding Books in the CNC Library

For a tutorial on how to use the Classic Catalogue to search for books in the library, please see the following video: Using the CNC Library Catalogue.

Paper format library books are arranged on the shelves in alphabetical order according to the Library of Congress call number on the book's spine.

Reference Books

Libraries at every CNC campus have encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and statistical summaries. Consult these books to locate specific information on particular topics, persons, places, or words. Reference books are for use in the library only and cannot be borrowed or removed. Some reference sources can be found online using the online Discovery search from the main library page.

Find Shelves by Subject

Consult the Library of Congress outline to go to subject sections on the shelves.

Using Online Catalogue Search

  1. Go to library home page and click on Classic Catalogue.
  2. Enter word(s) in search box and hit Enter.
  3. Write down call numbers (e.g. QA 276.5 .C3) and locations (e.g. "Stacks" is the main collection, "Movies" is a separate collection).
  4. Find books on shelf.

Read more about searching the catalogue using Advanced Search

Books at Your Local Campus

To find items at a specific campus library, after you do your initial search, on the left hand side of the subsequent page scroll down to ’Limit By Campus’ and choose your campus.

Online Books

Library users can access online books using the library catalogue. To search for online items only, in the search box type the phrase: topic word(s). You will retrieve records for online items. Click on a title and click on the electronic access link to get to the fulltext of that online item.

Online books can also be found using the online Discovery search from the main library page.

Find a Journal Article

CNC library users have access to a huge selection of journal indexes that contain full-text articles from magazines, journals and newspapers. Articles from these indexes can be printed, saved or e-mailed to any e-mail account. You must have a CNC computer account to access these journal indexes from off campus.

  1. Go to library Databases page
  2. Choose a journal index (if in doubt, start with "Academic")
  3. Click to connect (this may take a few extra screens)
  4. Enter word(s) in search box and click on Search
  5. View results. You can print, save, or email them

Online journal articles can also be found using the online Discovery search from the main library page.