The CNC Brand

Our brand is who we are. It defines our reason for being and what we promise to offer as an institution. The CNC brand acts as a springboard for how we talk, think, look and act. It will help guide our decisions and ensure we’re recognized as a world-class institution.  

CNC has gone through change and is looking to move towards a new era. As a college, we are growing and investing in new ways to approach teaching, learning and student success. With our 50th anniversary on the horizon, we have an opportunity to tell a new story and set a new path with our brand and website.  

Here, you’ll find tools and guidelines to help you learn about our new brand and incorporate it into your work.

Brand Model

The complete dashboard of our strategic brand elements.


Brand Toolkit

The core elements of our brand, designed to work together to create a unified voice, look and feel.


Messaging Toolkit

The CNC brand voice, including tone of voice and key messages.


Downloads & Assets

All documents, guidelines and fle downloads related to the CNC brand.



Start to imagine how the new CNC brand can come to life.



More information and resources related to CNC’s brand.