Student Housing

Located only a few steps from the main campus, we offer a culturally rich and academic-focused community - home to a diverse population of first and second year students, including those in Trades and shorter programs. We also house many diverse individuals during our Intersession (May-August). To accommodate students in programs of varying length, housing is available from a few weeks (for Trades and short programs) to 1 semester, 2 semesters, a full academic year, or multiple academic years.

Student Housing is centrally located and is close to shopping, transportation, recreational facilities, and forest trails. Student Housing is affordable accommodation that is convenient and provides a close sense of community. During your time here you will live and learn amongst your neighbors and friends.

Living with fellow students who have varying personal and academic interests as well as differing cultural backgrounds will enrich your learning experience far beyond the classroom. Bring your enthusiasm and participate in making this community a rewarding and fun place to live and study.

Student Residence 4

Academic Housing Applications

How to Apply

Academic housing applications are to be filled out if you are a full time college or university student, practicum student, or high school student wanting to reside on campus for a period longer than 14 nights (note that during the academic year, preference is given to CNC students). Please complete and submit the Academic Application Form via email. We do not hold rooms without an application. Space is limited, so apply well in advance.

Occupant (non-academic) Applications

How to Apply

Occupant applications are to be filled out if you are an individual wanting to reside on campus for a maximum of 12 weeks for non-academic purposes, or less than 4 weeks for academic purposes. From May to mid-August, we host non-students, school groups, sports teams, conference and event attendees, individuals working in and around the city, and travelers. Please complete and submit the Non-Academic Application and License Agreement via email. We do not book phone reservations or reserve rooms without an application, no exceptions.