International Students

Coming to Canada

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there are travel restrictions that limit travel to Canada. Additionally, all travellers to Canada must self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Canada. Travellers, including international students, who are arriving in Canada must have a quarantine plan.

See the Government of Canada’s page for International Students.

  Only students who are required to be on campus should plan to travel at this time. If your program is fully offered online, you are not required to be on campus.

Travelling to Canada Checklist

  1. Find out if you are allowed to travel to Canada.
  2. Send an email to College of New Caledonia at to tell us you are planning to travel to Canada.
  3. Submit your Quarantine Plan to the Government of Canada, trough the ArriveCAN Application.
  4. Submit your BC Self-Isolation Plan to the BC Government.
  5. Submit your BC Self-Isolation Plan to the International Education Centre at CNC.
  6. Send the College of New Caledonia your visa and travel details to ensure your enrolled in medical insurance coverage.
  It is the responsibility of the student to follow all the rules of flight/travel and quarantine.
Strict fines and regulations regarding quarantine plans are in place as per the Quarantine Act. Failure to obey these regulations could result in significant fines or removal from the country. It is the students responsibility to follow all rules as per the Quarantine Act.

Timing your Travel

CNC Fall 2020 semester classes begin on September 8, 2020. International students should plan to arrive in Canada with enough time to complete the 14-day quarantine before classes begin. However, when students arrive too early to Canada, or whose classes are online, their purpose could be considered optional and discretionary travel, and therefore not be able to enter the country. Please carefully time your arrival in Canada.


When booking your flight to Canada, please make sure you book a connecting flight directly to Prince George. Otherwise, you are required to self-isolate at your final destination before travelling to Prince George.

Carrying a Letter of Support

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada recommends that any student trying to enter Canada provide the Border Services Agent with a Letter of Support from the Designated Learning Institute.

CNC can issue a letter of support to international students planning to travel
to Canada.

First, students planning to travel to Canada must send us an email informing us they plan to travel, and include their Visa confirmation, flight details, and a copy of their BC Self-Isolation Plan.

Transportation from the Airport to your Quarantine Location

For everyone’s safety, please arrange to travel by taxi from the Prince George Airport to your quarantine location. Local taxi companies include:

  • Prince George Taxi: 250 564 4444
  • Emerald Taxi: 250 5633333

Accommodation for Self-Isolation

Carmel Inn is prepared to offer accommodation for new students arriving in Canada who are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact Carmel Inn, at least one week before arrival to Canada, to arrange accommodation. Options are available for single, double, or family occupancy.


The self-isolation room rate will be between CAD $63 and $89 per night plus taxes depending on the room type and the market at that time. Rooms have kitchenettes.


Please call 250-564-6339 or email For assistance arranging meal delivery, please contact CNC Cultural Coordinator, Arvinder Billing, by emailing

Still have questions?

When contacting the international office, please include your full legal name and student ID for verification.

For admissions related question,
For academic advising related questions,
For immigration advising related questions,


Extending Your Study Permit

One of our advisors can support you remotely with this request. You can book a phone appointment with an international student advisor or email

You can also access this self-help video to apply for a study permit extension.

Guard.Me Health Insurance

The GuardMe health plan covers “COVID-19.”  Medical expenses are eligible under the Medical Services Plan (MSP). If you have transitioned to MSP coverage, you will be covered under the Provincial government.

Frequently Asked Questions

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