Facilities Services

Facilities Services is in charge of the upkeep and improvement of CNC. This department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the campus infrastructure including building repairs, building automation systems, renovations & construction, landscaping, and capital projects. It is our goal to give the organization a steady foundation for success.

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Ken Van Aalst

Tel: 250-561-5821
Ext: 5669
Cell: 250-613-8143
Email: vanaalstk1@cnc.bc.ca

Ben Bigelow Facilities Services Manager

Responsible for the day-to-day pieces that directly affect students, faculty and staff. Focusing on the building’s environment; thermal comfort (building automation), social events, furniture moves and overall cleanliness of the campus.

The Manager of Facilities Services is responsibility includes managing all of CNC’s building automation systems, thermal comfort, utility consumption, CNC’s carbon neutral strategies and carbon reporting.

Tel: 250-561-5821
Ext: 5181
Cell: 778-675-5567

Ron Russell Infrastructure Maintenance Manager

Ensures CNC is compliant with all legislative and regulatory requirements. Responsible for maintaining all our assets at the lowest total cost of ownership with the least amount of impact to student learning. Infrastructure Maintenance also completes small renovation projects and minor to major maintenance initiatives.

The Manager of Infrastructure Maintenance is responsible for ensuring CNC remains operational while developing robust preventive and predictive maintenance management programs to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership.

Tel: 250-561-5821
Ext: 5348
Cell: 250-640-2395

Matt Harper Capital Projects Manager

Supports the long-range requirements for the college by providing professional project leadership in advancing and managing all CNC projects from major maintenance to large capital projects.

The Manager of Capital Management manages major maintenance and all capital projects, responsible for ensuring all our projects support and enhance the long-term goals of the college; while providing a cohesiveness in architecture for the campus.

Tel: 250-561-5821
Ext: 5458