Board Committees

The College and Institute Act (the Act) provides that the management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the college are vested in the Board of Governors. Without limiting the foregoing or the general powers conferred on or vested in the Board by the Act, the Board has power to establish committees it considers necessary to carry out its functions.

Committee Operating Guidelines

HR Committee

Terms of Reference CNC Board HR Committee

  • Dan Marcotte, Chair
  • Regina Toth
  • Lee-Ann Mowbray
  • Gil Malfair, Ex-officio

Finance & Audit Committee

Terms of Reference CNC Finance & Audit Committee

  • Steve Nycholat, Chair
  • Mark Wendling
  • Vincent Prince
  • Miranda Paterson

Executive Committee

Terms of Reference CNC Board Executive Committee

  • Gil Malfair, Chair
  • Vince Prince, Vice Chair
  • Dan Marcotte, HR Committee Chair
  • Steve Nycholat, Finance and Audit Committee Chair

Governance Committee

Terms of Reference CNC Governance Committee

  • Gil Malfair, Chair
  • Derek Orr
  • Navsher Singh Sandhu