Downloads & Assets

Here, you’ll find all the documents, guidelines, and file downloads related to the CNC brand .


Working With Our Partners

CNC has specific rules for logo lock-ups for partnerships, sponsorships, or endorsements. If you are an external partner and would like to use the CNC logo, please contact us at to ensure that you are using the logo correctly and in an approved lock-up design.


To date, over 100 CNC staff have participated in brand training. Creative Users have been trained in using Canva, a user-friendly, drag-and-drop design program. Through creative training, users have access to built-in Canva templates like posters, invitations, and postcards and learn how to access our new brand photos.

If you would like to participate in this training, permission is granted through your direct supervisor and the Executive Director of Communications.

Business Documents & Templates

Electronic versions of the letterhead and other documents have been sent to regional campuses, service areas, and departments within CNC. If you have not yet received your letterhead, please email us.

Moving forward, letterhead and other business templates will be available via the following pathway: Global Share R: Drive\Staff Share\CNC Institutional Templates and Printables. If you need assistance in accessing the R: Drive, or further support in creating any documents or templates, please contact Communications.

Marketing & Display Materials 

Marketing materials such as rack cards, academic viewbooks, and programs-at-a-glance can continue to be used, with new branded stickers to cover the old logo. To obtain stickers with the new logo for these materials, please contact Communications.

From April to June 2019, the Communications department will be engaging and consulting departments and service areas throughout the College to help support the design and ordering of new assets, including banners, swag, and printed marketing materials.

Tablecloths, banners and banner stands, a media wall, and feather flags can be rented directly from the Communications department.

Uniforms, Clothing & Merchandise  

CNC branded items are now available for employees and departments to purchase through the Internal Store, at a discounted rate. The Internal Store can be accessed through the bookstore’s website. Department names can be added to certain clothing items - for more information, please email the bookstore

Any other clothing designs outside of these need to be approved by the Communications department.