Application Preparation   

Preparing a compelling job application requires more than just filling out forms. It involves crafting a resume that showcases your skills and experiences, writing a persuasive cover letter that highlights your unique qualifications, compiling a portfolio that demonstrates your work, selecting the right references, and honing your interview skills. 


Explore a huge selection of career tools to get hired and advance your career with Devant. 

  • Workshops and learning resources 

  • Resume building and evaluation tools 

  • Interview coaching and preparation 

  • Job opportunities and fairs 

Selecting a Career Path 

Discovering your ideal career path starts with understanding your strengths and interests. Self-assessments help match these qualities with suitable careers. Explore various options to align your preferences with potential careers. 

Finding a Job   

Building a strong cover letter, resume and mastering key interviewing skills are crucial. Explore the array of tools and resources available to help you succeed in landing your perfect job. 

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Working as an International Student   

International students may be eligible to work off-campus based on their study permit status. Refer to your study permit for details on your work eligibility and the number of hours you can work per week. 

Looking for an employee?   

Our students are ready to work! Make sure to have a PDF or a Word Document ready to upload with your job details.