Moving to Alternative Delivery Methods for Classes

No doubt end of term pressures are mounting for you and your students. Make sure you take time for self-care. Connect, too, with students to ensure they know how to access resources that can help them.

As you start to plan intersession courses, the Centre for Teaching & Learning (CTL) has resources to help you. The “Online in a Hurry” course is a great starting place. If you are teaching now, you have already been enrolled in this course. Use your CNC login credentials to log-in to Moodle and see your course. If you need to be added to this course, please send your request to CTL:

Designing an Online Course in Five Steps:

  1. Review your current syllabus to identify online opportunities. (Information sharing, activities, discussions, assessments, etc.)
  2. Create an engagement plan. (Think about how students might interact with you, with the course material, and with each other in an online environment.)
  3. Make an assessment plan. (Consider how students can demonstrate their learning in new and meaningful ways.)
  4. Create your Moodle site. (Prepare your introduction, post your syllabus, plan content layout, etc.)
  5. Create your course content. (Pre-record lectures, prepare PPT, prepare other notes/resources, include online library content, etc.)

Please support your colleagues by sharing resources you have already developed. Whole courses in Moodle can be shared without having to re-develop content.

For assistance with all aspects of course development planning, please reach out to CTL:

  Online Delivery Workshops

Learn the basics of many tools to get your course material online. The Centre for Teaching and Learning is offering workshops on Moodle, Big Blue Button, and more.

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Additional Online Tools

Information Technology Services provides a large suite of tools for employees working off site.

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