Course Delivery Methods

This academic year, we know there is a balance between evolving and changing health orders, program demands, and student and faculty realities. Some of the expected delivery methods include:

  • Face to face on campus,
  • Online Synchronous and/or Asynchronous, and
  • A mixture of all (Hyflex)

No matter which delivery method you will be using this year, you can contact the Centre for Teaching and learning to ask questions, bounce around ideas, seek help, have Moodle shells created, or user accounts created:

If you need to have a Moodle course shell created, please send your request to the CTL including your name, course name(s), course number(s), and section(s).

  Online Delivery Workshops

Learn the basics of many tools to get your course material online. The Centre for Teaching and Learning is offering workshops on Moodle, Zoom and more.

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Additional Online Tools

Information Technology Services provides a large suite of tools for employees working off site.

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