CNC Email Account

All CNC students, staff and faculty members are issued a CNC Email account. Your email address will be your CNC username (

If you do not know your CNC username you can look it up using your Student/Employee ID or SIN on the CNC Account management page.

For staff, Email and inboxes will only be available as of the first day of employment. If you require access prior to your official start date, please speak with your manager. ITS does not have control over your start date and cannot accommodate requests for early access. 

How to Access your Email account

Go to to log into your CNC email account. You will need to log in with your CNC username and password. If you have other Microsoft-based e-mail accounts, you will need to log out of them before you can login to your CNC account. 

Another option, if you would prefer to remain logged into your other email accounts, would be to utilize a second browser. You can do this by using an incognito/private window, or another browser service (e.g. if you use Chrome, you could use an alternative like Firefox or Edge to login to your CNC account.)

Set up your CNC Email on your iPhone or iPad

We recommend you use the official Microsoft Outlook application for Apple devices. We do not support using Apple's built-in mail app to access your CNC email.

Once you have downloaded the application, simply enter your CNC credentials!

Set up your CNC Email on your Android Device

We recommend using the Microsoft Outlook application for your Android device. We do not offer support for other applications available for Android.

Once you have downloaded, simply enter your CNC credentials!

Forward your CNC Email

Email forwarding is only available for CNC Students.

Please note that if you choose not to retain your messages in your CNC e-mail account when you forward your e-mails to a secondary email, we cannot retrieve data in the event that you lose access to your non-CNC account. 

Click here to set up email forwarding from your CNC Account to your personal Email Account