Research Ethics Board (REB)

The College of New Caledonia is responsible to ensure that the policies and practices governing the ethical conduct of research in Canada that are established by the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans are followed. This entire process is managed by the Research Ethics Board (REB).

All research involving human subjects conducted at, or under the auspices of, College of New Caledonia follows Tri-Council guidelines and requires ethics review and approval by the CNC Research Ethics Board (REB) prior to the study starting. This includes work by CNC faculty, staff and students and researchers external to the College who intend to conduct research at College of New Caledonia.

We expect researchers to be familiar with the Tri-Council guidelines on research ethics. All forms such as  application form, sample consent form, and a consent checklist are available on this site.

Meeting Schedule

The REB Committee has dates of its meetings set in advance along with the dates by which your application must be submitted in order for it to be placed on the agenda for the next available meeting. *Due to COVID-19, the REB Committee has been reviewing applications as they come in*

Jan 10, 2022 Jan 24, 2022
Feb 10, 2022  TBD
March 10, 2022  TBD
April 10, 2022  TBD
May 10, 2022  TBD


Need Assistance?

If, after going through the REB web site you still need assistance; for instance, if you are not sure if you need a supervisor or are unsure if a partner you are considering is appropriate, or you are not sure what forms you need to complete, please contact the REB Coordinator at