Education Plan

The Education Plan has been developed through a collaborative partnership between the College and the Education Council (EDCO).

An Education Planning Steering Committee made up of college administrators, faculty, operational staff, regional representation, and students was formed to lead the process.

The committee aimed to develop an Education Plan that builds on the results of CNC’s Strategic Plan.

The Education Plan is based on research and feedback gathered through consultation during the education planning process. The main forms of consultation were an online survey and consultation circles conducted at each campus.

College Commitment

In order to develop CNC’s Education Plan, the College of New Caledonia committed to the following:

  • Institutional direction from the President and the Board
  • Resources to assist in the planning process, including technical and research support
  • Cross-functional team to help steer the planning process; this include direct contribution, support and leadership from the Executive Vice President Academic, Applied Research and Students as well as the Chair of the Education Council
  • Steering Committee, whose membership reflects the internal College community.