Brand Model


CNC’s reputation is a result of what we do, why we do it, and how we do it. In our brand model, these become our brand promise (what we do), brand purpose (why we do it), and our brand spirit (how we do it). Together, these components inform our overall reputation – our guiding brand attributes.

Our brand model is the foundation for our visual identity.

Why Create a Brand Model?

  • Ensures the aspirations for our overarching umbrella brand are defined, agreed and documented
  • Defines the principles that create long term emotional connections with our complete audience set across our college’s offering
  • Constitutes a brief for developing on-brand actions and determining the appropriateness of initiatives by all contributors to the College of New Caledonia brand
  • Acts as a compass to align our brand’s behaviour, collectively driving change in our reputation Informs our CNC distinctive messaging, visual language and tone of voice
  • Provides a complete dashboard of strategic brand elements to inspire the entire organization
  • Unifies and strengthens our individual disciplines through strategic alignment
  • Acts as a tool to achieve the business goals laid out in our strategic plan, and our mission & vision

Brand Purpose

 Our brand purpose gives meaning to why CNC exists for our complete audience set. In short, we are driven to lead, to guide, to support and to facilitate positive momentum. From the individual learner, to the community as a whole, we are inspired by movement. All because we exist to…

Inspire movement forward.

Brand Promise

 If we exist to inspire movement forward, what does our brand need to offer?

It’s essential that we provide a gathering place for ideas and learners of all kinds. We’ve been described as a centre hub, a cornerstone, a pillar in our region - and we live up to this reputation across our programs, services, and extensions of our brand.

We serve as glue, as kindling, as a heartbeat and a gateway. Therefore, we promise to...

Bring people and potential together.

Brand Spirit 

In everything we do, there’s a strong sense of who we are, and where we come from.

A soul that’s unique to our region, our people, and our community. You can feel it in our generosity, in our culture of volunteerism. You can feel it in our grit, in our courage and resolve to strengthen our community. And you can feel it in our practicality, in our directly relevant and responsive offering.

This spirit of the north, the true north, balances caring with confidence. It’s a land where empathy and tenacity meet. Where support is a communal exercise, and where people recognize potential. It’s in our blood, and critical to our authenticity. It inspires our attitude, and is brought to life through our actions. Therefore, in everything we do, we are:

Nurturing Strength

Brand Attributes

 A balanced brand is an accessible brand. Our attributes work in tandem. They influence our tone and drive our desired reputation.

We are:

  • Grounded 
  • Empowering 
  • Connective 
  • Dynamic