Education for Employment

Through secured funding, CNC Mackenzie provides tuition free training for entry-level trades exploration, training and employment services that are targeted to eligible individuals who are under-represented (Indigenous, women, immigrants, and youth) in the trades and/or facing other barriers to sustainable employment.

Programs run multiple times a year, stay tuned for more options and dates coming in the future! 

Job Options Program

Check back for upcoming programs.

LaKles Way-hut (la’-kles veh-h’ut) Business Start-Up for Indigenous Youth

Let’s help your business dream or idea take flight.

January 17th to March 31st 2022

If you’re a young Indigenous person and have a business idea or want to start a business, apply for LaKles Way-hut: Business Start-Up for Indigenous Youth.

The program is free for qualified students. You also get a living allowance.
You will learn from business leaders, Elders and mentors from the region. They will share their knowledge and guide you in bringing your business idea to life.
You may qualify for the program if you are:

  • 15 to 29 years old;
  • a Canadian citizen/permanent resident;
  • legally entitled to work in Canada;
  • living in BC;
  • not a full-time student;
  • not actively participating in another provincially funded program; and
    precariously employed or unemployed 

Learn More

To learn more or apply, please call or email:
Marcy West
250 997 7222

Andrea Morrison
250 997 7205

*CNC has chosen the name LaKles Way-hut, which is the Chinook (trade language) for “grease trail”. This describes a system of trails Aboriginal groups used for trading items such as eulachan grease.

If you are interested in having an interview to see if you are a fit for the program please contact the Mackenzie Campus at 250-997-7200 or the Mackenzie WorkBC office at 250-997-7208.