Hold Books

Library PG 4

It's possible to reserve (or "place a hold") on books. A recall is a hold placed on a book that someone else has borrowed. When a book is reserved or recalled, the person who has borrowed the book can keep it for the rest of the borrowing period but will not be able to renew.

How to Place a Hold

In the Catalogue , if you notice that an item is checked out to someone else (a due date appears at the bottom of the screen when you "view" the entry), you can ask to put a hold on it. When the item is returned, you will be phoned and it will be held for you at the circulation desk.

  1. Search for the item using the Classic Catalogue
  2. While you are "viewing" the entry, click on the light blue PLACE HOLD button and follow instructions to place a hold.
  3. You'll be asked to enter your User ID (14-digit library card number) and PIN number (4-digit number given to you when you got your library card - call us if you forgot it).